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Is Nicole Beharie Married? Does She Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend? Details Of Her Dating Life!

Published Wed Jun 12 2019 By Chester
Is Nicole Beharie Married? Does She Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend? Details Of Her Dating Life!

Holding a passion for acting and performing since childhood, Nicole Beharie's initial path to stardom was from her first debut American Violet (2008).

Since then the American actress Nicole is prominently known for some of her outstanding performance on American drama movie Vilot, Shame, and TV show, Sleepy Hollow.

So besides her finest work and versatility in acting, in today's article, we are gonna cover up with some of the personal stuff of the star, her love affairs, and marital status, just to know American Violet star better in person than her professional life.

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So without wasting any time, let's dig in! 

Is Nicole Beharie Married? Does She Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend?

Good news to many fans and followers as the 35-years-old actress is currently single and blinking the green lights. 

Nicole's breakup lies in as one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs.
SOURCE: Independent

Yes, the actress is not married yet and is currently enjoying her single life. However, this was not the case if we go back a couple of years ago.

Details Of Her Dating Life!

As there were rumors, Nicole came to the limelight after she had an affair with the famous Holywood actor Michael Fassbender. The duo met each other for the first time on a movie set of Shame (2011) where both the stars co-starred together.

Nicole Behaire with her Ex-boyfriend Michael Fassbender.
SOURCE: Daily Mail

The couple started to blossom their affection after a year since their first meeting in February 2012. The cupid's arrow hit both the actors during their movie shoot.

Check out, a scene from the movie part which reflects their hidden love


After dating for almost one year, just before all were thinking Nicole's relation will go further to the vows of marriage, sadly, the couple decided to walk their own path leaving each other in memory. 

The reason behind their split was precisely due to the long distance problem as Michael resided in England and Nicole in New York.

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Beharie took to Twitter and shared the tragic news via a tweet on Jan 12, 2013. Check out the exclusive post.

However, both the actors have not yet unveiled the reason behind their split. It took quite a long time for Nicole to recover from her previous traumatic experience. 

As of now, stalking the actress' social media accounts and past history, there is no information related to affairs after Michael.

Seems like the actress is still in search for her soul mate. Well, we sure do hope Nikki finds the man as she ever desired of and hopefully, we can see her enjoying mingle life shortly.

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Stay tuned and updated to find more sizzling news of your beloved media celebrities.