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Perfect Outfits for Different Occasions Around The World

Published Sun Dec 23 2018 By Arina
Perfect Outfits for Different Occasions Around The World

We live in a diverse society and we are bound to get involved in several social occasions as long as we are alive. If you are a fashion addict, then you have endless dress styles that you can wear but if not then shopping can be a harder task for you.

Our dressing tells a lot about our personality and influences all kinds of impressions. People always try to snap judgment about our clothes we wear. Today, we are representing the perfect outfit that can fit with the different occasions around the world. 

7. Wedding Guest 

SOURCE: Fashion Gum

When it comes to the wedding bells, a knee-length dress, strapless or sleeveless styles, floor-length gowns made up of silk, cotton, and beaded dress helps to earn thumbs up in your dressing sense. Black and red are perfectly fine however, it is appropriate to avoid all white at all cost.

6. Cocktail Party Dress

SOURCE: Express

Playful and glittery knee-length dress with a high heel is a perfect idea. You can't go wrong in the cocktail parties with fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey, and denim.

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5. Funeral 

SOURCE: Amazon

A funeral outfit is one of the must-have dresses in your wardrobe. It doesn't have to be always black, it should be something respectful color like dark neutrals, navy, brown, and forest green. However, you must skip a festive and fun looking style in your look.

4. Business Meeting

SOURCE: Pinterest

Attending the work function, always wear something conservative and avoid anything proactive and too revealing outfit. You should dress in a way you look relaxed, smart with a sense of fashion touch. Knee-length shirts and short sleeve top could be a good option for your business meeting.

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3. Festive  

SOURCE: 4fashionadvice

Festive attire should be based on who sent the invitation. There is no any specialization rule for festive attire, however, cocktail party dress or something fabric like silk, velvet, lace or satin will show the colors od festive vibes on you.

2. V-Day Classic Red Dress 

SOURCE: Glamradar

Planning for V day? The Valentine dress should have fun, flirty and fashionable touch in your attire. This day also needs quick and easy outfits, therefore a romantic classic red dress should in your wardrobe.

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1. Vacation Outfits

SOURCE: Styledavenue

Planning for the vacation or tour? Casual loose dress, maxi skirt or crop tee with short pants should be filled in your wardrobe. You should skip long gowns and tight jeans at all cost.

Fashion etiquette should be maintained in order to match the color with the environment that you are living. These dress styles will help to navigate the world fashion and find the right look for any occasion.