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Are "Poop Transplants" A Magic Bullet? The Key To Living Longer Could Be In… Poop!

Published Mon Jun 17 2019 By Eden
Are "Poop Transplants" A Magic Bullet? The Key To Living Longer Could Be In… Poop!

Could the key to a longer life be in poop?

Gut health is one of the most fascinating new trends in health and awareness. From easing digestion to reducing inflammation, all of it seems possible through a healthy habitat of bacteria in your intestines.

Consuming decades of pizzas and cheeseburgers while you and your stomach age results in those microbes losing a step and subsequently your dependency on them become even more significant.

Poop transplants could be key to a longer life.
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Just to make it clear for those who are unaware - poop transplants, fecal transplantation (or bacteriotherapy) is the 'transfer of stool from a healthy donor into the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of treating recurrent C. difficile colitis.'

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As numerous "good" bacteria in the digestive tract perish due to the consumption of antibiotics, poop transplants can help restore bacteria balance.

It's a common trend to witness many switching to a steady stream of supplements or probiotic-enriched kombucha for the purpose of remaining healthy. In the meantime, there appears to be a rise of a new yet crucially less appetizing source of healthy gut bacteria which is making its mark on the global stage.

Poop transplants help restore bacteria balance.
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Although it sounds hilarious, apparently the new study suggests poop, young poop to be precise is the key to a long life. As it turns out, kids could be the ultimate source of youth through their stool.

Nature Communications' team of researchers at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, recently published the findings where they presented several benefits to fecal transplants.

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One of the key findings involved the older mice (22 months old) consuming the droppings of the younger mice (3 months old).

The fecal transplant supposedly brings a healthier mix of protozoa, fungi, and viruses into an otherwise aged digestive tract. This helps in reducing frailty and inflammation for the entire body.

Poop transplant is one of the major medical breakthroughs.
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Although it's still anybody's guess the reason our bacteria turns against us as we get older, it's undoubtedly a major breakthrough to even contemplate the likelihood of reversing the process with the appropriate organic stimuli.

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It could be a long time, however, before this discovery catapults the practice into the mainstream. But, in the meantime, this is unlikely to discourage those suffering from gastrointestinal issues. There are often times you are unaware of what you need or want until you actually get it. This brand new discovery appears to be case in point.

As they say, we are what we eat. And it looks like it could soon expand into we are what they eat, too.