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Get Some Tips To Please Your Woman

Published Mon Apr 15 2019 By Andrew
Get Some Tips To Please Your Woman

Woman's sexuality is a mystery that hasn't been able to be solved completely just yet. However, this world would surely be a better place if there is a much deeper understanding of female sexuality. The knowledge would sure be a milestone to creating a sex-positive world where men and woman's differences are acknowledged to create a more hospitable environment for the lovemaking sessions.

While tastes and preference vary according to the individual, some of the broader issues that are needed to be addressed to ensure the maximum pleasure of a woman are as follows.

7. Do Not Rush It

Patience is key when you are getting frisky with your partner. Women love it when you do your thing in a calm and collected manner than just diving right in. Take it slow and passionate to get the most out of the bedroom experience for you and the beauty involved. 

Be patient!


Give foreplay a good chance while involved in the lovemaking. Woman body works like a puzzle and you have to let her know that you at least have a vague idea about the fact. In fact, female beings take a bit of time to get turned on and be in tune with sexual activities. Which means you have got to work it nice and slow boys!

6. Acknowledge her uniqueness

The general information about sex will get you nowhere if you fail to respect the uniqueness of your woman. You need to be acquainted with the fact that what may work for some might not work for others and the adaptability to the situation and person is the thing that really matters when you getting frisky.

Asking for her preferences during your intimate times must be the best approach for improvement. Pay close attention to her non-verbal reactions as well and adjust your approach accordingly. 

Remember! She is one of a kind!

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However, you should never compare your current experience to your past encounters. The comparisons might end up being insensitive and hurtful. Although past experiences create a firm foundation on the skills department, a comparison will definitely kill the mood by pissing her off.

5. Focus on her pleasure

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of people in this world who only focus on themselves when it comes to sex. These men just don't care about the experience of their partner and suffer a lack of chemistry in bed. Even if someone is casually involved with someone sexually, one should invest themselves in the partner's pleasure to make the experience a wholesome and passionate one.

Make her pleasure a priority.

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You should always enjoy the process of making another person happy as that is just human nature. Ask her how would the experience be more enjoyable also spending time studying and learning about her body. Tell her how much you enjoy her moans. Your partner would find that very sexy as there is nothing hotter than someone enjoying your pleasure so much.

4. Focus on quality, not quantity

There is a lot of pressure among men to assure that the female reaches orgasm and they might be way too focused on the end goal than the process. Little do they know that the process is what leads to the ultimate finish. The men must focus on making the lovemaking session an enjoyable experience for the beauty involved.

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Stroking skills will only get you so far if you fail to realize the other important set of skills of the intimate bedtimes. Make her feel special and don't try too hard to ensure her orgasm. Your efforts will be duly noted by your partner and will be beneficial to you in the short as well as long term. Don't completely ignore your own pleasure just to attain a sweet sensation for your partner.

3. Communicate

Openness and honesty are the two cornerstones for monumental sexual experience. The communication aspect is really important for a variety of vital reasons. The partners must be able to tell each other preferences and desires. It’s important to give feedback about what each of you likes. If you happen to be in a relationship times when you will have to communicate about problems in your sex life will surely arise.

Communication is key to fantastic sex.

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Then comes the master of it all, Dirty Talk! It can make or break your sexual pleasure significantly. The sexiness just soars when you are able to whisper the words of her liking while making passionate love to her. Talking about sex surely is a tough thing for some people but clearing your problems out ensures a great experience.

2. Be an advocate for Sex-Positivity

A substantial amount of men think that woman are not as comfortable with sex than they are. However, they turn to slut-shame women contradicting to their former claim. The shaming of woman sexuality has dire consequences and often leads to an unwillingness to get intimate among woman. If you want women to indulge in sexual activities, you must ensure you are providing a safe atmosphere to actually do so.

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You should always let the woman make her own decisions and not to be condemnatory about it. Treating women right is definitely a huge topic in the world of today. Humanity would sure be a much better place if we all contribute to a healthier, happier, more sex-positive world by simply respecting each other.

1. Educate Yourself

Great lovers are forged not born! This is a fact ignored by many as the majority of people expect sex to be effortless but contrary to popular belief it takes a lot of work to master the craft. Just like any other skill, standing out in the top of the intimate game requires a great deal of practice and education. There is much ground to cover when it comes to the bedroom act including sexual health, STI and pregnancy prevention, sexual technique, and communication.

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Although topics related to sex are still somewhat of a taboo in the world of today, mankind would turn out to be much better if there are open discussions about how it can enrich the existential experience of humanity in general.