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Reddit Conspiracy Theory Peaks Curiosity As Jeffrey Epstein's Photo Op From Hospital Surfaces Despite His Body Leaving Prison In a Body Bag

Published Tue Aug 20 2019 By Travis
Reddit Conspiracy Theory Peaks Curiosity As Jeffrey Epstein's Photo Op From Hospital Surfaces Despite His Body Leaving Prison In a Body Bag

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell and new photos raises some question about why Jeffrey was out of the body bag in the hospital when he left in one from the jail.

Jeffrey Epstein, born Jeffrey Edward Epstein, was a teacher who transitioned to the financial sector and became a multimillionaire. The man was a respected financier until he was accused of sex crimes and was convicted to 13 months in jail. Well, it wasn’t exactly jail when you realize the fact the man was allowed to leave the prison six days a week and needed to be present on the premises for only one day. The deal was signed by Alexander Acosta who resigned from Secretary of Labor after the 2019 arrest of Epstein.

It was not all, after the arrest, numerous other men were accused of joining Epstein in his sex slave ring. Royal Family members, politicians, and numerous other people were pictured in Jeffrey’s parties no other person was named. There were some rumors circulating, Jeffrey was going to name some people in hopes of getting a lenient sentence, and the rumors were reportedly making some powerful friends of Epstein nervous.

Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump together.
Jeffrey Epstein rolled in some pretty strong surroundings.

Source: Sky News

After a few weeks of his arrest, reports emerged Jeffrey tried to commit suicide, and the jail placed him on suicide watch, to prevent him from killing himself. But a few days later he was removed from suicide watch and allowed alone in his cell. Then, the man killed himself in his jail cell, which seemed extremely fishy.

Speculations ran rampant after the death of the man, who was rumored to be naming some powerful people involved in his sex ring. But we never got to know what he would’ve said in court or to the investigators and prosecutors.

Jeffrey Epstein.
The flyer showing the registration of Jeffrey Epstein as a sexual offender.

Source: Sun Sentinel

People on social media and Reddit were convinced it was a hit job by an influential person who was getting weary they would be named in the suit. It seems so apparent, all of a sudden, a man showing suicidal tendency was removed from suicide watch, and a few days later he decided to take his own life. It was all tied up in a pretty bow for the sexual offender and his conspirator friends.

Now pictures are surfacing on Reddit which raises even more questions and speculation it was a wet job by a powerful friend of Epstein. The five photos on Reddit are confusing as well as head-scratching. First, there are photos of Jeffrey’s corpse being carried by forensic operations’ people. The images from the jail show Jeffrey inside a body bag or some kind of covering tarp being put on the back of a van. Nothing inconspicuous about a dead man inside a body bag but the next two photos is what confusing people and fueling their suspicions.

Reddit photo.\
The third and fifth photos show Jeffrey being taken from the prison in a body bag.

Source: Reddit

In the next two photos, we can see Jeffrey is out of the body bag, and the paramedics are pumping air into his lungs in what looks to be an attempt at CPR. So, the question is, why is the paramedic trying to revive a person who was carried out of the jail in a body bag?

Then to round it all off, there is a very private military-looking man in all of the photos. He is holding an automatic rifle, and there are no tags to signify which agency he is from.

All of these photos seem pretty fishy, but there is also no established timeline to the images posted on Reddit which makes this a pretty unreliable way of looking at the event. The suicide does seem fishy and a little like murder but since the people in places of power and authority already ruled it a suicide, it seems the investigators are happy with the assessment, Jeffrey killed himself.

With a high profile case like this and the type of lenient sentence Jeffrey received the first time around, he definitely walked in the circle of some strong and important people. So, there are bound to be conspiracies of what happened in the jail, but just because people think it’s true doesn’t mean it is, just take a look at the Reddit post and decided for yourself.