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Rian Johnson Jokes About The Ending Of His New Star Wars Films

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By Travis
Rian Johnson Jokes About The Ending Of His New Star Wars Films

Star Wars new series is coming and director Rian Johnson dishes on the new trilogy.

Star Wars is in a funk right now, most older generation fans cannot relate to the newer films, and newer generation fans got better things to do than go watch a Star Wars movie where almost all of the original cast is gone. This was not what Disney imagined when they bought Lucasfilm for all those billions of dollars. Indiana Jones is stuck in a limbo, and there was a $700 million come down from the first movie to the second movie in Disney’s new trilogy of films.

Now, finally, the studio decided it is good time to abandon the Skywalker series all together; they just need to produce new content so the younger generation can call the new movies their own as the older people did with 'A New Hope' and 'Empire Strikes Back'. It is a tall order, but they are doing original trilogies, and one of the trilogies is currently being helmed by Rian Johnson, the director of the polarizing second movie in the new trilogy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster
Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a polarizing movie directed by Rian Johnson.

Source: Vintage Movie Posters

Rian was hired almost two years ago when the promotion for The Last Jedi was on the last legs. The people over at Lucasfilm said the director would be filming a whole new story and they will not be coming back to the Skywalker franchise. So much time’s past bust still there are no talks whatsoever when it comes to what or when the next series of movies will be based on.

Well, there wasn’t any information, till now, but Rian talked with Uproxx about the upcoming Star Wars films directed by him, and he gave a little tidbit about the new trilogy. While promoting his new movie, Rian said, “I’ll tell you exactly how they end! An iris shot to a blue credit.” Okay, he was joking, but at least we know the final shot of the movie will be changed!? Nobody? Oh, well!

Rian Johnson
Rian Johnson was hired to write and direct a new trilogy of Star Wars movies.

Source: Star Wars

For people not familiar with the Star Wars franchise the iris blue shot is an editing technique used by all Star Wars movies which come on screen after the movie ends and the iconic John Williams Star Wars theme plays. The is another technique used in the film to transition from one scene to another, where wipes clear the former scene and introduces new locations. These are some of the most iconic shots of the movie, and except for 'Solo' and 'Rogue One', other all movies use the editing technique.

It is kind of nice to know the original techniques of the movies will not be given up in the name of new storytelling. Rian is fully utilizing this technique, but the thing which leads us to be even more excited is the fact the story will be a new one with new characters who we will learn about as the series progresses.

Rian Johnson and Carrie Fisher.
Rian's new trilogy is still in the formulation stage with the director looking to bring a new story to screen without past characters.

Source: Geek Tyrant

This is a whole different ballpark for the Star Wars fans who were not so happy with what happened to their favorite characters in The Last Jedi. The lack of interest in the movie, evidenced by the low numbers was a warning sign to the people involved in making these movies. People are ready for new stories, and they want the Skywalkers to rest on the pedestal where the first three movies displayed them on.

Rian Johnson is also excited to bring new characters to the series, and the whole prospect of working with a clean slate and populating the world as he goes along is something really exciting. He said, “I think that the fun and challenging part of it is to dive in, figure out what’s exciting and then figure out what it’s going to be. We’re doing something that steps beyond the legacy characters. What does that look like?”

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Rian also said the figuring out part of the whole thing is the most exciting part of the whole process, and the question of what will come next is driving him forward. He said, “To me, the blue sky element of it is what was most striking about it. I know the way that I’m coming at it and what’s fun about it for everyone in George Lucas’ films is figuring out, ‘What’s the next step?’ It really makes you think and figure out what the essence of Star Wars is for me and what that will look like moving forward.”

Disney and Lucasfilm are currently busy promoting Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker which is coming this December, and this will be the last movie in the new trilogy and complete the nine-movie Skywalker arc.