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Ruben Studdard Weight Loss - The Complete Details

Published Sun Dec 22 2019 By Chester
Ruben Studdard Weight Loss - The Complete Details

If you are a gospel fan, then you probably didn't miss the name of 2003 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. Yes, he is the phenomenal American R&B, pop, and gospel singer who gained prominence after winning the second season of American Idol. Studdard's amazing vocal skills helped him get nominated for the Grammy Award in 2003 for Best Male R&B vocal performance.

But here we're not talking about his musical journey, instead overlooking Ruben's strenuous weight loss journey, so here we have presented you with the details of Ruben's challenging slimming journey.

Ruben Studdard Weight Loss Journey

Studdard was so focused on his singing career that he didn't pay any attention to his fitness and, at one point, weighed 462 pounds - (209.5 kg)!

It all started with a simple push.
It all started with a simple push.
SOURCE: Huff Post

Struggling with his overweight body, Ruben went to The Biggest Loser. In this weight-loss reality show, contestants must drop allocated pounds in a specified time.

The Biggest Loser: Ruben

Studdard was the highest-weighing contestant in the 15th season of NBC's 'The Biggest Loser,' 2013, with a height of 6'3 and 462 pounds. 

Studdard shared it was a 'painstakingly brutal journey that paid off in the end.' He went through a healthy diet and some intense exercises.

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Throughout the show, the Change Me hitmaker was assigned to a personal trainer Dolvett Quince who pushed him to the limit to lose as much weight as he could within a set period.

Unfortunately, Ruben was eliminated in the fourth week for dropping just 5 pounds, where the minimal weight loss requirement for the round was 11 pounds, at least.

But it was not the end; his elimination was nullified after the opposing coach Jillian Michaels was busted cheating for supplying her team consumed caffeine pills.


Studdard rejoined back on the eight weeks. And by the finale on February 4, 2014, he cut off a total of 119 pounds. A special day for him as on the same day he released 'Unconditional Love,' the album which won 16 Grammy Awards.

Ruben till date, released seven studio albums including his platinum selling debut 'Soulful'.
Ruben, to date, released seven studio albums, including his platinum-selling debut 'Soulful.'
SOURCE: Rubben Instagram

The actor shared the primary motive for his sudden weight loss plan, talking exclusively to the LA Times. Rubben shared,

Thirteen pounds sounds good when you're at home. I was devastated. I came in here thinking I would be the leader. But it turns out I was the weakest link.

Besides singing, the versatile star is also an actor who has appeared on numerous TV shows and Movies.

The platinum-hit artist has worked as an actor in several roles, including single-episode appearances on the television series 8 Simple RulesLife on a StickAll of Us, and Eve, as well as a cameo appearance in the film Scooby-Doo 2.

Weight Loss Battle: Ruben Studdard

The star exclusively came to Windy Williams Show and shared his weight loss journey with some personal talks. The actor spills all his experiences and challenges he had to go through to lose 170 pounds, around 77.1 kg.

Throughout his decade-long career in the music industry, the vocal mogul never shied away from telling his followers about his body weight and the hectic process he had to undergo. Ruben humorously called his fat muscle "taco meat."

Nevertheless, overviewing his weight loss timeline, he has successfully drawn down a couple of pounds. By 2013, he lost 112 Pounds; talking exclusively to The Wendy Williams show, he was 462 Pounds. 

By February 2014, he had an incredible weight loss of 119 pounds and weighed around 343 pounds. Talking to BET Networks, he was asked, "did it affect your voice?" where Studdard shared 'no' vocal complications after losing pounds. 

Ruben Studdard was Around 300 Pounds at the Age of 13

Talking to Dr. Phil, Ruben Studdard spills the beans sharing he was 6'1 and weighed 300 pounds when he was 12. So he was a big guy from his early days.

Following his drastic weight loss, he had to replace his entire wardrobe as he was slimmer and the clothes didn't fit. As of now, he weighs less than 330 pounds (149 kg) and still dropping.

Weight Loss Snap from December 30, 2018

Weight Loss Snap from December 30, 2018
SOURCE: Facebook

Zooming out on his overall weight loss journey, he has lost over 150 pounds which is also an excellent challenge. Nevertheless, his body transformation is worth taking inspiration from.

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