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Russo Brothers Claim No Fan Has Correctly Guessed The Ending of Avengers: Endgame Yet!

Published Wed Apr 10 2019 By David
Russo Brothers Claim No Fan Has Correctly Guessed The Ending of Avengers: Endgame Yet!

Avengers: Endgame's plot details are still far from guessing; says the film directors, the Russo Brothers.

As the global audiences ramp up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s grandest event on April 26, 2019, speculations were sure to surge in numbers in relation to Hawkeye’s family, Shuri’s death, and much more. But the only people who know every detail are those who’ve already seen the movie — which is a very small number for the moment.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are the repositories of the secrets, and they’re headstrong experts when it comes to keeping it to themselves. And now, the maestros are claiming that despite the behemoth pile of theories none of them has exactly deducted the movie plot, at least not the ones which they have heard and read in person.

But who are the Russo Brothers?

Russo Brothers first started their Marvel directorial with 2014's Captain America: Winter Soldier.
SOURCE: Variety

To those who aren't familiar, the Russo Brothers are the geniuses behind the current MCU's success, but there has been always more to that. Before becoming household names in the Marvel, they were perhaps best known for their work on comedic series like Arrested Development and Community, the former which garnered six Emmys during the Russos' reign.

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The brothers first jumped into the superhero world as the directors of Captain America: Winter Soldier, which became successful enough to earn them another directorial contract for the same movie’s follow-up, Captain America: Civil War as well as the package deal that is the Infinity Saga.

And here’s what the helmsmen are saying about the theories

The Russo brothers are dealing with a lot of fans’ assumptions in regards to their upcoming movie. But as for directors, they’ve been very good at dealing with all those postulations, refusing to confirm or deny anything in the awareness of spoiling important (or even little) details. In an interview, Jake Hamilton asked if anyone had ever gotten things exactly right, about Endgame and if that caused them to panic.

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“The fans are so passionate and they spent such a long time living with these characters, thinking about these characters and they’re using their imaginations to follow where these stories could possibly go,” said the director #2, Anthony Russo. “Sometimes they’re wildly off, sometimes they’re kind of next door to what might happen… nothing’s ever that close. You can get kind of close but nothing’s exactly right.” 

On the same note, Joe added, “Our mission is always to surprise people so we try to make really surprising choices. I don’t think that anyone predicted that we would end Infinity War with killing half the characters. That’s the job — be disruptive. Break up the Avengers, make the good guy the bad guy in Winter Soldier.”

They indeed go to great lengths to keep secrets

Russo Brothers don't share the script with their actors. 
SOURCE: Slash Film

There’s no denying to the fact that Russo Brothers have gone to extreme lengths in confining the plot details.

The directors even restricted the Endgame’s actors to go through all of the film’s narratives. As such Anthony has said, “Firstly, it’s definitely based on what the actor needs to know to understand their arc, their character, what they’re doing in the movie… even if we’re not giving them everything, we want to give them context. We almost think of it as like we’re doing a favor the people — it’s hard to have all this information that you can’t talk about.”

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But of course, there’s still, some or two who will always want to know more about what’s going around and what’s about to happen. Hamilton brought up Tom Holland (Peter Parker / Spider-Man), who last year had become infamous for leaking information about the Infinity war— to which Joe joked, “That’s why we killed him,” referring to his dusting in Infinity War.

The elder one then went on to add, “You know who else used to ask a lot of questions was Benedict (Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange). That’s why he’s dead, too.”