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Ryan Reynolds wants 6 Underground Sequel - Count Us Out!

Published Wed Dec 18 2019 By Travis
Ryan Reynolds wants 6 Underground Sequel - Count Us Out!

Ryan Reynolds wants to make a sequel to the Netflix movie 6 Underground.

'6 Underground' is a mess, and that’s putting it lightly because of all the editing and the senseless amount of violence present in the movie. It is just six different episodes of a bad TV show merged into a single two-hour-long film, and except for the opening car chase, nothing seems to work in the whole movie.

The constant time jumps to show the backstories of all the characters in the movie, and number six doesn’t even get his chance to shine beyond the opening scene where he is murdered by a crane. Editing is the biggest culprit of this film because you never know when the main plot is being pushed forward and when the background stories are being peddled.

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Another gripe we’ve got about the movie is the rule thing which gets broken constantly as the amateur team of would-be assassins mess up one after the other mission, which results in people getting hurt and sometimes even killed. We are not just talking about the bad guys, the police, bystanders; everyone is getting pummeled because a rich a-hole tries to solve the world’s problem with money.

There was never a single moment of seriousness in the movie; every time you looked at the characters in the film, they are either joking or thirsty-eyeing one another. There isn’t a single moment of a coherent plot, and except for the British guy, no one is even interesting enough to really command attention to what is happening in the movie.

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Michael Bay made some real doozies over the years, but this one was the stupidest of them all and felt like a way for everyone to go on a vacation then make a movie. Ryan Reynolds is great in the film, but at this point, the whole Wade Wilson meets Ryan Reynolds meets the Aviation gin guy shtick is getting pretty old.

We love us some 'Deadpool' but not all the time across all the characters Ryan is playing. He just doesn’t need to keep babbling all the time; it gets boring to hear nonsense coming from a person’s mouth for the entire movie.

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There is one thing great about the movie; the action is awesome, but again the Michael Bay problem was there for all to see; there was just too much action without much payoff for the entirety of the movie. When the movie started, and we saw the heroes taking on a dictator, the feeling was this was just a starting point with the main villain being someone else.

But, nope, the entire movie was brashly cut back and forth scenes with stupid humor and low angle shots of ladies in short dresses. The film was so long, but after it was over, it felt like there was so little material they were working with, and they just jammed action scenes in between plot points to fill the space.

The final scene of 6 Underground ended with a sequel in mind and Ryan Reynolds wants to make one.

The final scene of 6 Underground ended with a sequel in mind and Ryan Reynolds wants to make one.
Source: YouTube

And now Ryan Reynolds wants to make a sequel to '6 Underground,' the actor said, “I think we would all do one because we all love each other. I mean, this cast really, genuinely loves each other. So they'd be thrilled to be back.” The cast did seem to be enjoying themselves, but almost no one who watched the movie was entertained.

'6 Underground' was something we were looking forward to, a real-world type of action movie in the vein of 'Bad Boys' was something we were expecting from the director, not Armageddon on earth. The film was bad, and everyone knows it, the excitement of Ryan Reynolds in a Netflix action movie is gone, and it would be foolishness to give Michael Bay another $150 million to make a sequel to '6 Underground.'

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