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Ryan Reynolds' Upcoming Movie '6 Underground' - Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Budget, Plot, Story!

Published Thu Aug 29 2019 By Travis
Ryan Reynolds' Upcoming Movie '6 Underground' - Cast, Trailer, Release Date, Budget, Plot, Story!

Ryan Reynolds is currently on a roll with blockbuster hits after blockbuster hits; there is no stopping the charm and the humor of the actor who was once seen only as a pretty face. Since 2016 his movies made over $2 billion in box office gross and Ryan rejuvenated his career from the days of his critically panned 'Green Lantern' movie.

The height of the actor’s fame was in 2018 when he appeared in 'Deadpool 2', which was a huge box office money-spinner. The R-rated flick set the box office on fire, and Ryan Reynolds reestablished himself as one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. 2019 was also an amazing year for the actor who voiced 'Pikachu' and made a cameo appearance in the movie with the film becoming the first critically successful video game adaptation in the world.

Watch: The trailer which relaunched Ryan Reynolds' blockbuster leading career

While he was filming Pikachu, the Deadpool actor was also playing a lead role in one of the most expensive pictures in Netflix history. Not much is talked of the movie because the whole thing is kept on the down-low, but we’ve gathered some information about one of our most anticipated films in 2019. So, here is everything we know about '6 Underground', a new vigilante action movie from Netflix.

Who Are In 6 Underground?

6 Underground cast.

It is a jam-packed call sheet when it comes to the '6 Underground' cast, Ryan Reynolds is obviously starring in the main role with only his character name revealed till now. Ryan is playing ‘One’ with the rest of the characters without a character name until now. 'Straight Outta Compton' star who played Dr. Dre in the movie is also starring in the lead role. 'The Magnificent Seven' actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is also starring with Dave Franco of '21 Jump Street' fame also joining the cast. On the ladies side of things, Adria Arjona of Good Omens and Melaine Laurent of 'Now You See Me' are also starring in the movie. Ben Hardy, Lior Raz, and Payman Maadi round out the currently released cast for the film.

What About The Trailer For 6 Underground?

The movie started production in 2018 when Netflix took over the project, and the end date for filming was in December of 2018. The film already wrapped up principal photography with the producers and editors working on the movie in post-production. We are eight months removed from the end date of production, and still, there is no 6 Underground trailer. All we’ve got is a single funny clip posted by Ryan Reynolds on his YouTube channel which shows the trademark Michael Bay flipping car action. The trailer for the movie should arrive in September, which would be in line with the targeted release date for the streaming giant.

When Is 6 Underground Releasing?

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground.

Like we said before the movie finished filming December of 2018, but there are no trailers for the film till now. The planned release date for the film is currently in the Christmas period, Netflix is planning to release ten movies during the same time. They are releasing all the films in theatres for about three weeks and will be made available for the streaming public. So, '6 Underground' release date should be around the December period, keep an eye out for the movie during the holiday season.

What Is The Budget Of 6 Underground?

6 Underground poster.

Ryan Reynolds is creating a niche for starring in high budget action movies. He was recently announced as one of the cast members of the $200 million budgeted ‘Red Notice’ starring himself and Dwayne Johnson. The '6 Underground' budget currently stands at $150 million out of which $27 million was paid to Ryan for his starring role. The huge paycheck is going to pad his net worth nicely, combined with the $20 million he is set to receive for ‘Red Notice.’ Ryan’s wife Blake Lively is currently pregnant with their third child, and she must be a happy wife considering Ryan is bringing almost $50 million from his starring roles.

What Is The Plot Of 6 Underground?

Except for the set photos and one interview reference nothing’s leaked from the ‘6 Underground’ camp with no actors revealing anything about the movie. We only got one clip, and it was everything coming from the movie, but the story was written by frequent Ryan Reynolds collaborators, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick, will follow six billionaires who “Six billionaires fake their own deaths and form an elite vigilante squad in order to take down notorious criminals,” according to IMDb. The story sounds played out, but still, it is a unique premise for Michael Bay to work with.

Michael Bay.

Michael Bay directed 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds.
Source: The Independent

Netflix is currently producing a lot of high budget movies to lure in subscribers but this year’s experiment of ‘Triple Frontier’ failed miserably with the $100 million budgeted Ben Affleck starrer movie failing at the streaming giant. Netflix will be hoping for a better fate for their other $160 million budget movie ‘The Irishman’ directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro which is also scheduled to arrive in theatres during the Christmas period.

Ryan Reynolds is currently taking a break from movie making and promotion, to take care of his wife, who is over seven months pregnant. Blake Lively and her husband Ryan also recently celebrated her birthday where Ryan trolled his wife with bad and hilarious photos of Blake.