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Ryan Reynolds New Movie is Poking Fun at Disney While Debuting the First Trailer at New York Comic Con

Published Fri Oct 04 2019 By Travis
Ryan Reynolds New Movie is Poking Fun at Disney While Debuting the First Trailer at New York Comic Con

Ryan Reynolds new movie shades Disney and their purchase of 20th Century Fox in a funny way.

There were a lot of surprises at New York Comic Con this week and none so big then the appearance of Ryan Reynolds at the proceedings. He was there to makes a surprise appearance on a panel where the 'Deadpool' actor debuted some footage from his upcoming 20th Century Fox movie 'Free Guy.'

Ryan and the crew involved in the movie kept the whole thing a secret and when the trailer for the film came on the large screen in the auditorium the people went wild for the concept and the humor involved in the movie.

Ryan Reynolds in a image of Free Guy.
Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy and the image from the trailer taken at the New York Comic Con.

Source: Insider

To be honest, the whole movie is based on a gnarly concept and something which is tried and tested before but the team from Fox is looking to pull a different idea of the okay trope of video game concept. The whole thing is about a game where the side character of the game discovers something is amiss with his life. The bank he works for keeps getting robbed over and over every day and he starts questioning his existence which leads the character ‘Guy’ played by Ryan Reynolds to breaks out of his non-playable character and goes looking for an answer.

It sounds super fun and also considering the humor of Ryan Reynolds, it is going to be a fun action-comedy. Jodie Comer the Emmy winning actress from 'Killing Eve' is also on board playing the character of 'Millie' in the real world and her avatar in the game world is 'MolotovGirl' who meets Guy in the game. Joe Keery of the Stranger Things fame was also announced as the cast and he is playing the character of 'Key' in the movie, it seems the actor filmed the clip before the horrible hair-cut to his marvelous hair, with Shawn Levy, also from 'Stranger Things,' directing the movie.

Taika Waititi trailer snap from comic con.
Taika Waititi plays the villain in the new movie Free Guy.

Source: Insider

There is also another special addition to the cast, Taika Waititi who plays the game developer and also the main villain of the movie and they were all present in New York to talk to fans and show off some footage.

The cast introduction video was released for the public on YouTube and it shows the four actors sitting on chairs and talking about working with each other which lead the two Jodie and Joe to question the claim this was the first movie Ryan and Taika are working together in. They realize the two worked in 'Green Lantern' and after unsuccessfully trying to divert attention the two disappear to stop further embarrassment which wasn’t even the funny part of the footage revealed at comic con.

Watch: Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds trying to side step the Green Lantern thing

When the panel was shown the trailer for the movie was when the audience laughed the most. The extended trailer introduced the studios involved by saying, “From the studio that brought you 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Aladdin,' and 'The Lion King' twice,” and the crowd was laughing.

Ryan talked of the excitement of joining the cast and making the movie with the people involved in the filmmaking process. He was excited to finally be able to make a movie with Shawn Levy and also the concept of the movie got him super pumped, which the actor explained was the feeling he missed ever since he got the first 'Deadpool' script.

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy on the set of Free Guy.
Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds on the set of Free Guy.

Source: Insider

Taika was not at the panel but he appeared via a video message near the end of the panel when he also expressed his jubilation to be working with such a talented team. Jodie Comer was also excited for her character in the movie which she said was like real world and it is kind “of wish fulfillment that we live out, whether it be social media or through a video game, we create these avatars, a version of ourselves as to how we would like to be perceived.”

Not only a comedy movie but also something rooted in the zeitgeist of the current pop culture the movie is set to be a massive success, and Disney and 20th Century Fox, are also thinking the same thing which is why they are releasing the 'Free Guy' at the prime summer real-estate of 3 July 2020.

The cast of Free Guy sitting together.
The leading cast of Free Guy on the video talking about the new movie.

Source: Uncrate

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