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Who are Sam Waterston's Children? Learn About His Family Life

Published Wed Sep 15 2021 By shirayoky
Who are Sam Waterston's Children? Learn About His Family Life

Sam Waterston is the father of four children: Inside his family life!

Born on November 15, 1940, Samuel Atkinson Waterston in Cambridge, MA, is an actor, producer, and director. Waterston is fairly known for his work in theater, television, and film. Waterston studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, and the American Actors Workshop started his career in the theater on the New York stage.

Waterston was raised by a single mother, Alice Tucker (née Atkinson), who worked as a landscape painter. He appeared numerous times in revivals of Shakespeare. He is also a doting father to his lovely children. Continue reading to learn more.

Who are Sam Waterston's Children?

In early of Ѕаm Wаtеrѕtоn career, he mаrrіеd hіѕ fіrѕt wіfе, Ваrbаrа Rutlеdgе Јоhnѕ, іn 1964. They gave birth to a son, James in 1969 but the pair got divorced due to certain unknown reason. 

Sam Waterston together with his lovely children.

Sam Waterston together with his lovely children.
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James Waterston is a film, stage, and television actor who first appeared in Gerard Pitts's 1989 film Dead Poets Society. Аftеr а уеаr іn 1976, Waterston gоt mаrrіеd tо а fоrmеr mоdеl Lуnn Lоuіѕа Wооdruff. Ніѕ twо dаughtеrѕ, Каthеrіnе Wаtеrѕtоn аnd Еlіѕаbеth Wаtеrѕtоn, аrе аlѕо асtrеѕѕеѕ аnd ѕоn Grаhаm.

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Katherine Boyer Waterston is an actress born in 1980. She made her debut in the feature film Michael Clayton. Before her breakthrough performance in Inherent Vice, she had supporting roles in films including Robot & Frank, Being Flynn, and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

On March 30, 1977, Elisabeth Waterston was born in Paris, France, as Elisabeth P. Waterston. She is an actress who portrayed a role for The Prince and Me (2004), Good Dick (2008), and Quantico (2015). She has been married to Louis Cancelmi since October 21, 2006.

Lastly, Graham Waterston is a writer and filmmaker who attended NYU, earning his BA in film. He was born in 1983 as the last person who joined the Waterston family.

True Inspiration Following the Great American Novel 'The Great Gatsby'?

Gatsby in ConnecticutThe Untold Story inspired by the New Yorker article by Barbara Probst Solomon in 1996. That Ultimately unveiled her hypothesis that the West Egg in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" was not particularly established on an actual place in Long Island, but preferably Westport in Connecticut, which held a special spot in Scott and Zelda's hearts. 

Sam Waterston as  Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby.

Sam Waterston as  Nick Carraway in 'The Great Gatsby.
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With this disclosure, it seems as though the question of who the real Jay Gatsby could finally be acknowledged and the true unconventional millionaire behind the parties is just as fascinating as Fitzgerald's hero. Williams' film shined a light on Probst's article and, with his unique research and amazing discoveries, led to convinced and dumbfounded Fitzgerald fans and scholars. 

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Legendary actor Sam Waterston, who characterzied Nick Carraway in 1974's The Great Gatsby, acclaimed, "This film does an excellent job of capturing an important aspect of Westport's literary history and it helps to establish the town's rightful place in Fitzgerald's legacy."

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