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Shane Dawson's Top 5 Greatest Youtube Uploads

Published Sat Jul 06 2019 By David
Shane Dawson's Top 5 Greatest Youtube Uploads

Shane Dawson, born Shane Lee Yaw, is a 30-year-old web personality that's been on the stage for over 10 years and has garnered 20+ million subscribers across his YouTube channels.

Dawson was one of the earliest top original content makers and has some of the best channels to date.

Outside of YouTube, Shane has acted in a few movies, helmed his own films/mini-shorts, aired multiple albums, and was a two times smash hit author for his books "I Hate Myselfie: A Collection of Essays by Shane Dawson" and "It Gets Worse".

Shane Dawson holds 20+ subscribers in his Youtube Channel Shane. (Source: Tubefilter)

Yet despite some prevailing popularity, it's YouTube where Dawson has sparkled the most, and his reach on the spotlight would shock a lot of people who have never heard of Shane or don't comprehend YouTube

Shane Dawson's name might ring a bell for anybody of us who have viewed a Youtube footage a period or two. Being one of the first genuine Youtubers, Shane has made an extensive career doing dramas, eating food, making schemes, and as of recent, incredible video arrangement that rivals what anyone is doing.

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These new video collection, with the aid of cameraman and co-editor Andrew Siwicki, have been something that many followers have been craving over.

Meanwhile, let's take a look at the very beginning of Shane's new recordings and pick out five of his best video series.

1. The Secret Life Of Jeffree Star

"The Secret Life Of Jeffree Star" was the video that gave Shane the credit he's deserved. Jeffree is considered a pretty controversial online star, and what was decent about this series is the way that it truly plunged into what Jeffree's reality is like aside from the extravagant and allure that people get to see.

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Not only do we get to witness a more profound side of Jeffree, but fans also got an opportunity to see just how successful he truly is (particularly with his businesses!) This is one of Shane's bests, and it establishes the tone of just how astounding one could be with a camcorder.

2. The Truth About Tanacon

Majority of people considered Tanacon as a wreck. Though the significant thing about this video series was the fact it emphasized both parties, not just one part of the playing field. Moving into a progressively insightful side of things, Shane had the option to sort out a portion of the nightmares that were Tanacon with this video chapter.

3. Shane's Dad Series 

The video series that could be ascribed for starting it all is Shane's father series. The three-section arrangement is one of Shane's more graving videos, and it's swiftly the most personal on his Youtube. The footage is emotional, honest, and most important of all, it's genuine.

4. The Grav3yardGirl Series

This video series is somewhat more ubiquitous. Starting out the series with taglines like "$10,000 makeover" and "$40,000" surprise weekend," it's revealed (four videos in) that the real purpose behind the smaller than normal get-away was to provide help for Grav3yardGirl's channel.

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When the real motive of the video series started, fans got to see a side of Bunny that was unlike anything seen before. Furthermore, we got to see some ghost hunting excursions, which is dependably a fun time.

5. Switching Lives With Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas, much like Jeffree Star, is a little disputable. While this video didn't jump as profound as the Jeffree Star video, it was a venturing stone of the impending phase. The dynamic between Trisha and Shane is so reviving, and you can bet the two have been friends for a quite a while. Exchanging identities with the Mukbang queen couldn't have been simple, but Shane did it quite as easily...with a glitter Starbucks cup close by.