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Shayla Somer Gibson: Embracing Individuality and Making a Mark as Tyrese Gibson's Daughter

Published Wed Jul 12 2023 By Bsgurung
Shayla Somer Gibson: Embracing Individuality and Making a Mark as Tyrese Gibson's Daughter

Shayla Somer Gibson is a young child and is not of dating age yet. She is the daughter of the talented lead singer, Tyrese Gibson known for his hit song "How You Gonna Act Like That." Her parents are happily married, but they prefer to keep their personal life private and don't openly discuss it. 

Despite their fame and success, they choose to maintain a low profile and focus on raising their daughter. As Shayla continues to grow, her parents' love and support will undoubtedly shape her upbringing and contribute to her well-being.

When is Shayla Somer Gibson's Birthday? 

The beautiful celebrity kid, Shayla Somer Gibson was born on 11th July, 2007. She is the daughter of the former husband and wife, Tyrese and Norma Gibson. Her grandmother, Priscilla Murray Gibson played a vital role in raising her.

Shayla SOmer Gibson father
Image: Shayla Somer Gibson with her father, Tyrese Gibson at the Grammy. Source: Daily Mail

Shayla holds American nationality and has a mixed ethnicity. Her father, Tyrese, is African American, while her mother, Norma, originally comes from Israel. In July 2019, Tyrese shared on Instagram that Shayla is Jewish and can speak fluent Hebrew.

Custody Battles Between The Parents

Following their divorce in 2009, Shayla's parents, Tyrese Gibson, and Norma Gibson, have been engaged in a highly contentious custody battle over their daughter. They have struggled to reach an agreement on sharing custody, and their differences have been apparent throughout the legal proceedings. 

Additionally, Norma's reliance on child and spousal support has further complicated the situation, leading to a lengthy legal dispute.

At one stage, Norma was granted a restraining order against Tyrese, which prevented him from seeing his daughter for nearly two months. This added another layer of tension and conflict to their already strained relationship.

Where is Shayla Somer Gibson Now?

After a series of lengthy court sessions, in November 2017, the Los Angeles court granted an order for Shayla's parents, Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson, to share custody of their daughter. 

Judge Shelley Kaufman, who presided over the case, stated that she did not find any evidence of abuse against Shayla. The court also examined Tyrese Gibson's social media posts but did not consider them a violation of the temporary restraining order. 

Shayla Somer Gibson parents
Image: Shayla Somer Gibson attending father's movie premiere. Source: People

Judge Kaufman noted that Tyrese is a public figure who communicates with the public, and his posts were not deemed as direct communication with the restrained parties. In January 2018, the court further ordered that both parents should have shared custody of Shayla. 

Currently, at the age of 15, Shayla happily divides her time between her mother and father, primarily residing in Los Angeles where she attends school.

Father, Tyrese Gibson's Second Marriage Also Ended In Divorce 

After divorcing his first wife, Tyrese met his second wife, Samantha Lee through mutual friends. Samantha is an American nurse. They soon got attached to one another and later tied the wedding knot in February 2019. Their early relationship was kept private but later announced the marriage through their respective social media accounts.

Tyrese Gibson second wife divorce
Image: Tyrese Gibson with his second wife, Samantha Lee. Source: Cheat Sheet

He has openly expressed his love and admiration for Samantha, frequently sharing photos and videos of her and expressing gratitude for having her in his life. Samantha is dedicated to her profession as a certified nurse, and Tyrese has praised her strong work ethic and commitment to helping others. 

However, after three years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce in December 2020. Samantha took to social media in January 2021 to express her efforts to save their marriage, stating that she had done everything she could.

How Many Siblings Does, Shayla Somer Gibson Have? 

Tyrese Gibson, the actor, and singer, is a proud father to two daughters, Shayla Somer Gibson and Soraya Lee Gibson. Shayla, his oldest daughter, was born in 2007, while Soraya, his youngest daughter, was born in 2018.

Tyrese frequently expresses his love and adoration for his girls, often sharing photos and videos of them on social media. He openly discusses the importance of being a good parent and the immense joy he finds in fatherhood.

Shayla Somer Gibson Received Car and Island As a Gift 

Tyrese Gibson's love for his daughter Shayla is evident in the extravagant gifts he has given her. In 2015, the "Fast and the Furious" star surprised his eight-year-old daughter with the gift of an island for Christmas, which he named Love Island, although he kept its location undisclosed.

Tyrese Gibson actor
Image: Tyrese Gibson is a successful American actor. Source: National Today

Continuing his grand gestures, in 2022, Tyrese gifted Shayla a Rolls Royce for her middle school graduation. He went above and beyond by including an LED truck that displayed photos and videos of his daughter alongside the car. Despite not being able to attend the graduation ceremony, Tyrese expressed his love and pride for Shayla on Instagram.

Shayla Somer Gibson Meets Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Shayla also enjoys special moments with her father, accompanying him on vacations to various destinations such as Dubai and attending red-carpet events. 

She had the opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards and meet some of her favorite artists, including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

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How Rich is Shayla Somer Gibson? Know About Shayla's lifestyle

At 15 years old, Shayla is still a young celebrity kid focused on her education and has not started her career yet. As the daughter of Tyrese Gibson, she does not earn any money of her own and enjoys the privileges of being a star kid.

In contrast, Tyrese Gibson, with his extensive career in the entertainment industry spanning several decades, has accumulated substantial wealth. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. Tyrese resides in a lavish home in Atlanta, Georgia, which he purchased for $4 million in 2017.

While Shayla benefits from her father's success, her own financial status is dependent on her future endeavors and achievements as she grows older.

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