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She-Hulk - Who Would Be The Perfect Cast Choice In The MCU?

Published Fri Sep 13 2019 By Travis
She-Hulk - Who Would Be The Perfect Cast Choice In The MCU?

She-Hulk is coming to Disney Plus soon, but who would be best suited to play the character?

'Jennifer Walters' is the cousin of 'Bruce Banner', and when she is involved in an accident and get severely injured, Bruce gives her a blood transfusion of his own blood which causes the infected blood of Bruce transferring into the body of Jennifer. While she recovers from the crash, the Hulk blood is already inside her which meant she also transformed into Hulk, but since she was infected with a little amount of the blood, Walters maintained her wit and intelligence even though she turned into a large green monster.

The transformation of 'She-Hulk' is funny and awesome, and she is what Hulk was in Endgame, a merged personality of two people, the brains of the human and the brawns of the beast. The reason we are talking about She-Hulk is, there were some announcements made at the D23 this year, and one character stole the whole expo, and it was the announcement of She-Hulk as the next character Disney Plus will be making a series on.

Watch: The announcement of Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk at this years Disney Expo

Since the character was first created in 1980s fans waited with their breaths held to one day being able to see She-Hulk on screen and finally after 20 years the series will go under production, and we will soon be able to the see the lawyer transform into Hulk. For her origin to happen, Bruce Banner needs to appear in the opening scenes of the series and provide Jennifer with the blood.

This also means the actor is passing the baton of Hulk to someone else and when the actor was hired to play the role of Hulk the choice was more than contentious but now he Mark Ruffalo is a fan favorite so when Hulk passes on the baton, it needs to be to someone worthy. So, the casting needs to be spot on considering the vast character Jennifer is in the comics.

The Perfect Choice To Play She-Hulk – Gina Carano

Gina Carano at the D23 Expo wearing a black dress

This is not exactly a popular choice, considering the actress was a once an MMA fighter and she is not really known for her dramatic acting chops. But we would like to point the whole masses to one casting choice which totally ruined what could’ve been a great show. Finn Jones as the 'Iron Fist' is something which still makes our blood boil, the man was not known for his action exploits and just because he appeared in 'Game of Thrones' he was hired to play the role of one of the most skilled Kung Fu masters in the world but then the whole thing fell flatly on their face.

Dramatic chops can be reshot and taught to look believable for a short period of time; action cannot be taught in hours. And you are probably going to say stunt doubles but why get a stunt double when you can get a trained fighter who’s been in the movie industry for over a decade.

Watch: The amazing fight scene in Haywire starring Gina Carano which makes her the front-runner for the role of She-Hulk

The biggest case we can make for Gina Carano is her performance in the criminally underseen action movie 'Haywire.' The actress shows a whole range of emotions, and there is no doubt about her acting and comedy skills which makes the former MMA fighter a perfect choice for the character of She-Hulk. Another thing, she even fits the character and the appearance perfectly, there are better actresses in Hollywood to take on the role, but we think it will be much believable when a trained fighter is kicking buts instead of an actress who is skinny and the believability just goes out of the window like it was with Finn Jones.

Gina also appeared in Marvel movie before with her playing the villain in the first 'Deadpool' movie and also appeared as the villain in 'Fast and Furious 6'. Also considering the fact she appears in 'The Mandalorian', which is also a Disney Plus show, this seems like a perfect situation for the actress. And it’s about time for the actress to get some sun under the good guys’ side instead of only playing the bad person in a movie. 

Actresses We Wouldn’t Mind Taking On The Role

Rosario Dawson on a red carpet with a head scarf and huge ear rings

The obvious second choice for us to play the character of She-Hulk is definitely Rosario Dawson. The lady paid her dues and was the sounding board for all of the characters in Netflix’s Marvel series. Bouncing from one show to another and connecting all those universes, she needs some reward for playing the role so perfectly. Rosario’s been a member of the Marvel family, and if it comes down to who deserves to play the character the most then we would definitely pick Rosario Dawson.

The final person we are okay with taking on the role of Jennifer Walters and the character of She-Hulk is the fan-favorite actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. There is nothing this actress cannot do, the versatility she’s shown over the years since winning the hearts of fans in the movie 'Scott Pilgrim'. She can do anything and everything which makes her the best choice to play the character if the studio is looking to fill up all the criteria of She-Hulk’s persona.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead posing for a photo
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a fan-favorite actress and she definitely checks all the boxes to play She-Hulk.

Source: Anthem Magazine

She-Hulk is definitely a couple of years away, considering the jam-packed schedule Marvel is working on when it comes to Phase 4 of the MCU. The fact Marvel is finally acknowledging the TV shows and incorporating them with the greater universe also open a whole new avenue for She-Hulk and her future in the MCU. Finally, whoever gets the chance to play the character we hope and pray they are careful because She-Hulk is one of the fan-favorite characters, one bad move and the wrath of the whole nerd world is going to fall on the person, who decides to play the character.