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Who is Sheena Melwani? Who is her Husband? All the Details Here

Published Wed Apr 06 2022 By sujan
Who is Sheena Melwani? Who is her Husband? All the Details Here

Know who Sheena Melwani is? And details regarding her married life.

Sheena Melwani is a vocalist born in Canada but now resides in the United States. She was born on September 21st and has not yet announced her age. She has been a fan of music since she was a kid and has uploaded covers on YouTube and Instagram for quite some time. She began publishing covers while living in Tokyo, away from her family. She has also been on Japanese TV shows and radio stations, where she has performed and been interviewed. Sheena Melwani is married and blessed with two children, a boy and a daughter. Her husband's face has not been revealed. Her family has made several appearances on her social media.

Sheena Melwani's TikTok account currently has 8.7 million followers and over 187.9 million likes. She publishes covers on this account while her spouse adds commentary. SheenaMelwani, her YouTube channel, has 1.27 million followers. Sheena uploaded her Youtube channel's debut video in November of 2017. Sheena Melwani's Instagram account "sheenamelwani" has 1.7 million followers and 503 posts.

The female musical artist also has her website, to which she has included a link in her Instagram bio. On this website, she publishes a variety of blogs and videos. After a long hiatus from publishing covers, she returned to social media, stating that she works for the Spread the Joy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading joy to sick children. She joined Twitter in March 2008 and presently has 17.2K followers under the handle "@SheenaMelwani."

Is Sheena Melwani Single? Is She Married?

Sorry guys out there, Sheena Melwani is not single and is already taken. As a matter of fact, the lady has been married for quite a while. Her husband is Dinesh Melwani, who is the CEO and Founder of Kalaari Capital, a venture capital firm based in India. 

Sheena's spouse was born in Chandigarh and reared in Mumbai. He completed his LLB and BCL degrees from McGill University and BA from Concordia University.

Sheena Melwani is married woman

Image: Sheena Melwani during her trip
Source: Instagram @sheenamelwani

After meeting his wife when she was doing her MPhil degree at Harvard Business School, Dinesh proposed to her, and the two were married seven years later. They are presently residing in the United States of America. Dinesh Melwani is an Indian business magnate who was born in the city of Mumbai.

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Melwani's father had emigrated to Pakistan when he was a youngster, and he had remained there for the remainder of his life after that. After graduating from Karachi University, he went on to work for significant businesses, including General Electric Company (GE) and Citibank, before starting his endeavors under the DMM Group of Companies in 1985. He was only 24 years old at that time.

Sheena Melwani And Her Spouse's Love Story

In an Instagram post, Sheena Melwani said, "He has been with me for ten years now. We met at a birthday party for one of our friends. I was surprised when he came up to me and said his name. In the beginning, we were attracted to each other right away. He isn't like any other guy I've ever seen. My love for him increased as we spent more time together. In the beginning, my friends told me that it was too soon for me to fall in love with him, and we didn't know what it was like to be in love." 

Image: Sheena enjoying a winter season
Source: Instagram @sheenamelwani

Afterward, Dinesh also said, "I was surprised and happy when she told me she loved me. It made me glad to know that she cared about me as much as I cared about her! After a few months of dating, she moved in with me in Florida because she had the chance to build her career there."

From their marriage, the couple shares two children; a son and a daughter. The Melwani family has a lovely family and shares a perfect bond that could make any person jealous. 

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