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Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Tease The Possibility Of Other MCU Characters Being Skrulls

Published Sun Jul 14 2019 By Travis
Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Tease The Possibility Of Other MCU Characters Being Skrulls

Is Marvel heading towards the Secret Invasion storyline?

Spider-Man: Far from Home swung into theatres all over the world, and by the end of the movie, it had some repercussions for the future of MCU as a whole. As most of the people who stuck around till the end of Spider-Man: Far from Home there was a huge revelation that may not seem like that big of a deal and only a little confusing for some people, but it is a huge deal when considering the future of further MCU movies.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill talk to Spider-Man.
Nick Fury and Maria Hill made a huge impact in the Spidey flick. (Source: Inverse)

Spoiler ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t seen Far from Home or Captain Marvel.

As the credits rolled and the company logo leaves the screen, we see that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are in a car talking to each other. Then they shapeshift into the alien race known as Skrulls. The two were posing as Nick and Maria so that the real Nick Fury can attend to troubles in outer space. For die-hard fans of Marvel movies, one question was on everyone’s mind, if the Skrulls have been on earth since 1995 how many other characters have they pretended to be?

Well, the writer of Far from Home, Erik Sommers, was on hand to answer some of the questions that were posed by the movies explosive end credit scene. He said, “It’s certainly possible. We didn’t write anything in specifically, and we have not personally planned anything out, but I think it certainly opens up a world of possibilities that is very exciting.”

Skrulls arrive on earth.
Skrulls first appeared in Captain Marvel set in 1995. (Source: Digital Spy)

The revelation of Nick as a Skrull was both funny and in a way scary to some Marvel fans as it meant that more heroes might be the Skrulls. As well as some people had doubts that the person at Tony’s funeral was not the Nick Fury as the Skrull Nick told Peter that he couldn’t approach him at the funeral. Well, this fear was removed from fans’ hearts after Jon Watts revealed that the funeral Nick was the real Nick Fury.

Jon Watts said, “First of all, to clarify the timeline, that’s real Nick Fury at Tony’s funeral at the end of [Endgame]. So it’s not like he’s been a Skrull forever or like, it’s not like he’s been a Skrull since Captain Marvel.”

This was a high point of irritation for fans when Nick Fury wasn’t able to see through the illusion of Mysterio. As the big turn happened and Mysterio gave the big exposition, you could see inside the theatre, people were baffled, not at the revelation but at the fact that Nick Fury would be so gullible as to believe an imposter with such an outrageous story. At least the final revelation was explanation enough for the reason why Nick was so trusting. The superpower of Nick Fury is to doubt and plan, but an imposter duped him, well at least we know now that he wasn’t Nick Fury.

Mysterio uses his power.
Mysterio was an imposter in the spidey flick. (Source: CBR)

Jon Watts talked about knowing the revelation, but still, the tendencies of Nick Fury bothered him a lot. He said;

It always sort of bothered me even though we knew that that’s what we wanted the story to be, that Nick Fury could get duped even though he’s been gone for five years and he’s on his back foot. I wanted to come up with one last little reveal that could explain that unanswered question. And when you’re making a con-man movie, it just feels like the right thing to do to have one last little twist that makes you look at everything slightly differently.

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, had stated previously that the beloved comic series Secret Invasion might make its way into the big screen. Secret Invasion was a great story published in 2008; the eight-issue comic dealt with the Skrull empress using the previous knowledge about the earth heroes to infiltrate earth over a long period of time.

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Kevin Feige said, “Just like not all humans are bad, and not all humans are good, I think Skrulls probably have a variety of moralities amongst them. When they can do what they can do, it probably gets very tempting. So, it’s fun to have introduced this concept and see where it goes.”

It is fun to think of Avengers being infiltrated by Skrulls, but it will also be challenging to portray Skrulls as the villains after the lengths Captain Marvel went to save their race. Both Kree and Skrulls as the villains will be interesting that the movies can play off of. And Skrulls can be a great gateway for introduction of the Fantastic Four as Mr. Fantastic was the one who figured out a way to detect Skrulls in the comics. Now all focus turns to San Diego Comic-con where Marvel is scheduled to make some massive announcements for the future of MCU.