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SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend - Is the YouTuber Dating Someone?

Published Thu Apr 23 2020 By Kenshinpark
SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend - Is the YouTuber Dating Someone?

SteveWillDolt has been in lovey-dovey for a long time now. Who is his partner? Get to know all about it!

Stephen Deleonardis, better known as 'SteveWillDoIt' among his fans, is a YouTuber from Florida. He was born on August 26, 1998. Stephen got the taste of fame in his early years.

The reason for his popularity is Youtube, which is garnered an enormous fan base, mostly teens, after posting insane videos on his youtube channel. His crazy videos mostly entail him doing crazy eating challenges. The 21-year-old, so far, has amassed more than 2.08 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

Though people loved him from the beginning, his fame skyrocketed when he teamed up with his fellow youtube group called 'Nelk Boys.' The 21-year-old YouTuber has managed to lure fans to his Instagram; he boasts an impressive 1.9 million followers.

While everything looks impressive about this lad on the paper, we just dug a little further to know more about his personal life. During which we found out some interesting but not so pleasant facts about him, we don't mean to offend his fans, but we are just telling you the facts. So, all this brings us to ask another question, is the YouTubernot-so-cool YouTuber dating someone? Let's find out just that and some not-so-cool things about the YouTuber too.

SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend - Is the YouTuber Dating Someone?

SteveWillDoIt is currently dating his girlfriend, Celina Smith. Celina, who is also a social media influencer (boasts an impressive 1.1 million followers on Instagram.) The duo has been in an on-and-off relationship for a while now. 

SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend: Stephen is popping a bottle of a champagne.

SteveWillDoIt is currently single after breaking up with his former girlfriend, Celina Smith.
Photo Source: YouTube

Previously, the couple broke up, while their split was not on amicable terms. Everything turned ugly when they called it off. The reason for switching their relationship ugly was something unexpected for fans and Steve as well. 

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According to the reports, Celina cheated Steve with Jason Pagaduan, aka 905Shooter. Jason is a former member of NELK; it's like SteveWillDoIt was betrayed by his friend. It's sad to know how friends, sometimes, can stab you from the back. Some fans' theory suggests 905Shooter left the group 'NELK' when he hooked up with Celina Smith. But the exciting build is, neither Steve nor Jason have confirmed this speculation.

All is good at the moment as the pair flaunts their love life on their respective social media platforms. There appears to be a close bond, but everyone is waiting to see if the love really does last long this time! 

What Do People Have to Say About the Cheating Rumors?

If we have to go by what people are suggesting, then it's proven Celina hooked up with 905Shooter. And as we mentioned earlier, people also suspect the reason Jason leaving NELK is rooted in him hooking up with Celina, while there are some frail hints from 905Shooter as well.

According to the reports, there is an instance of Steve calling Celina a 'Clout Chaser.' So, though none of them have confirmed the speculations, some hints were always there for fans to uncover the truth. You always don't need the 'official statement.'

SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend: Celina posing for the picture.

Celina Smith reportedly cheated SteveWillDoIt with his friend Jason, aka 905Shooter.
Photo Source: Celina Smith Instagram

While some were sad to know the fact Celina cheated, some were taking her side as well. Well, they have their reasons too. According to the fans, the former couple 'Celina Smith and Stephen Deleonardis' were dating from their high school days, and what he did in-between all those time-frame forced people to say, 'Steve got what he deserved.' 

Apparently, some rumors suggest Stephen hooked up with prostitutes multiple times. When he was on a Europe tour, people found out he had wild nights with fille de Joie, plenty of them. So, coming out to call Celina a cheater is just a double standard he possesses.

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