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'Supernatural's Alexander Calvert Sheds Light On Jack's Motives & What Could Happen Next!

Published Sun Aug 25 2019 By Travis
'Supernatural's Alexander Calvert Sheds Light On Jack's Motives & What Could Happen Next!

Alexander Calvert talked about what's next for Jack and what motivates him in the show.

Supernatural is coming back for a final season, after the event of the finale of season 14 the series is in a position where it tried to get but couldn’t figure out how in the previous season's finale. A place of uncertainty is where the series resides right now after the events of the finale. The series is coming to an end, and for the first time in a long time, there are more questions from the series then there are answers.

How Sam, Dean, and 'Castiel' will fight 'God' is something we all want answers to, but the biggest question from the series is what is going to happen to 'Jack'? Yes, this is still Supernatural, and we know Jack will be back on earth to help out his “fathers” but how will it happen and what is next for the character, what is his motive coming into the final season of the fan-favorite series?

Alexander Calvert.
Jacks death and the place he went to will be addressed in the final season of Supernatural.

Source: TV Insider

We got some answers from the actor himself after he sat down with TV Insider to talk about the future of Jack and what makes him tick in the way he does. The actor, Alexander Calvert who used to star in Nickelodeon, was on hand to answer some questions about how the events of season 14 set up the character of Jack for the final season of Supernatural.

“He's a mix: a hunter, a child, a Winchester, the son of the Devil,” Alexander answered when asked about who Jack truly is. “I really enjoy how Jack doesn't exactly fall into any category yet. In the final season, we'll see how all of that plays out.” It was a drastic learning curve for the character, who was in the spell of his father then cared for other world people and killed some angels and his relationship with the Winchesters morphed from a precarious one to a father-son relationship. It was a lot of change for the character and the actor playing the role is happy; he doesn’t fall into any category yet.

Alexander Calvert.
Alexander Calvert talked about his motivation and what is next for the character.

Source: Glamour Fame

But the thing which the character desires the most and the one thing which motivates the character according to the actor is, “To belong. That's what drives him. That's his greatest strength and his greatest weakness because he's been both loved and exploited for the same reasons.”

In the final episode, Jack was killed by God and sent to the place where Death and Void were present. He died, and one thing about this series is people really never stay dead, so we know Jack is coming back. We are certain Jack is coming back, but only the actor playing the role can be certain of what’s next for the character. When asked if he will be able to come back and save Sam, Dean, and Cas from the monsters, he said, “Hard to say. Is Jack the yin or the yang? God or the Devil? No matter what side of the coin he ends up on, I just want Jack to experience the belonging he craves.”

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God just wants a good story, and there is no better story than sons on a path to kill their father, which is the step the Sam, Dean, and Cas are taking. Everyone was created by God, and there is no one more powerful than God, but what if God was evil, and we were all pawns in his game? The series never answered any religious questions, they just roll with everything, but this battle between man versus God is going to need some answers, and we cannot wait for the final season to premiere on CW on 10 October 2019.