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Susan Del Percio Net Worth - Learn Her Sources of Income and Earnings!

Published Wed Nov 20 2019 By Kenshinpark
Susan Del Percio Net Worth - Learn Her Sources of Income and Earnings!

Susan Del Percio, probably one of the most recognized American political strategist, needs no introduction when it comes to her work. Susan, who is also the Republican political analyst, has experience of over a decade.

Moreover, Del Percio has her firm - 'Susan Del Percio Strategies,' which has been active and for a couple of years now. Given all that, people are not only want to know about her work, but some are also curious, how much this makes from her job.

So, to your ease, we have broken down a few things which we thought would like to know about MSNBC's political analyst. How much she makes and what's her net worth, let's find out about just that.

Susan Del Percio has a Massive Net Worth

Susan on MSNBC.

Susan Del Percio has her own firm, Susan Del Percio Strategies.
Source: MSNBC

Susan Del Percio's estimated net worth stands at $2.1 million. Susan Del Percio, with her experience on the field for more than a decade, not only helped her to get the recognition but also supported her to make a big fortune out of it.

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No wonder, Susan's immense fortune is all because of her expertise. Del Percio has shared her knowledge on TVs as a MSNBC's political analyst, and she is also a columnist at, which, we are sure, helped grow the cash flow.

Having worked on the field for over a decade, and paving ways for multiple income sources, Susan stands where she is now, in a millionaire's club.

Susan's Average Salary Ranges from 190K to 200K Annually

Susan wearing a white sweater, and smiling for the camera.

Susan Del Percio's net worth is estimated to be $2.1 million.
Source: MSNBC

Political Strategist, a job which is also known as 'behind the scene political job,' entails a lot of things, despite its simple term. To be a successful political strategist, you need to have a team of different professionals. To name a few, 'Speech Writer,' 'Policy Analyst,' 'Public Relations Manager,' 'Personnel Security Specialist,' and 'Lobbyist' are the combination to form an influential political strategist.

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Susan, who leads the team on her firm - 'Susan Del Percio Strategies' is handling everything from speech writing to lobbying, which provides make six figures annually. Reportedly, Susan makes anything between $190,000 to $200,000 a year.

Susan Del Percio, Despite her Massive Net Worth, Stays Low-Profile

Unlike many celebrities who boast their green by spending 'dead presidents', Susan Del Percio stays very low-profile, and it's rare to see spending money on expensive, luxurious items.

The 49-year-old strategist is so low-key, she still takes cabs to her work. There was one incident when Susan updated about her work commute; apparently, she was on a cab which AC system was still on the early '80s. Susan took to her Twitter account and wrote, "In the age of testing driverless cars, this is the A/C in my NYC taxi." when she saw a -out-of-this-world AC vent.

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