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What Is Susan Lucci's Net Worth as of 2022? All Details Here

Published Thu May 05 2022 By Tashipalmo
What Is Susan Lucci's Net Worth as of 2022? All Details Here

Inside Susan Lucci's colossal net worth: The complete breakdown here!  

Best known for playing the villainous character Erica Kane on ABC's All My Children, Susan Lucci is an actress, television host, author, and entrepreneur. Although Lucci's entire public persona is built on that one role she played for over 40 years, she has had some notable ventures besides acting and has established herself as a versatile celebrity.  

Susan Victoria Lucci was born on December 23, 1946, in Scarsdale, New York. Before bagging the breakthrough and career-defining role in 1970, Susan had uncredited/small roles in Goodbye, Columbus, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, and Me, Natalie. Lucci may not have any notable credits in mainstream or other soaps, but the television actress has amassed a net worth no less than an A-lister.  

What is Susan Lucci's Net Worth?  

When Susan first started what was going to be a lifelong role for her, the actress's part, Kane, was only meant to be a guest appearance, but instead, it went on to develop into a primary character. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lucci has an estimated net worth of $80 million, a staggering fortune she derived from the soap opera.   

Susan Lucci has an estimated net worth of $80 million.
 Lucci was one of the highest-paid soap opera stars in the 90s.
 Photo Source: Instagram

Called the Daytime's Leading Lady, Susan's Erika Kane was named the greatest TV character many times, and the honor hiked Lucci's fees to the length that she was one of the highest-paid tv actors in the 90s. Many esteemed tabloids estimated Susan's salary to be more than $1 million.  

Lucci's integral commitment to ABC's soap opera probably didn't let her opt for more roles in other projects, but the actress guest-starred and had few appearances in movies. While starring in All My Children, Lucci co-starred in the biographical film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. During her career's peak, Susan made many guest appearances, including in the popular show Dallas and even hosted Saturday Night Live. All My Children's star Ray MacDonnell passed away recently.

Susan Lucci's husband has passed away.
Susan is also a New York Times best-selling author. 
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Lucci proved her ability to be beyond soap opera when she made her Broadway debut in 1999 with Annie Get Your Gun and earned raving reviews for it. After over 40 years as Kane, Lucci hosted and narrated the television series Deadly Affairs, starred in the comedy-drama Devious Maids, and competed in Dancing with the Stars season 7.  

A personal tragedy strikes Susan Lucci!    

Lucci has had a few rough months with the actress revealing that she had a close brush with death earlier this year and recently lost her husband to a stroke. During a conversation with Good Morning America, Susan shared it was her second heart surgery in three years.   

Susan Lucci is a mother of two.
 Lucci's husband of 53 years passed away last month. 
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"I thought, 'This is crazy. These are the same kind of symptoms that I had three years ago but it can't be," said the 75-year-old before warning fellow women to pay close attention to their bodies and any symptoms. Lucci's doctor's findings revealed that the actress had an 80% blockage in her heart from calcium and cholesterol.  

Lucci underwent emergency heart surgery earlier this year. Source: Good Morning America

But while Lucci was recovering from the health setback, her husband of 53 years, Helmut Huber, with whom she shared two children, suddenly passed away at 84. "Helmut's passing is a tremendous loss for all who knew and loved him. He was an extraordinary husband, father, grandfather, and friend," Lucci's publicist, Jessica Sciacchitano, said.

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