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Taylin Gaulden: Getting to Know YoungBoy Never Broke Again's Adorable Son

Published Tue Aug 01 2023 By Bsgurung
Taylin Gaulden: Getting to Know YoungBoy Never Broke Again's Adorable Son

Taylin Gaulden, affectionately known as Tay Tay, was born on March 19, 2017, in Louisiana, United States. He is best known as the son of the rapper, NBA YoungBoy. At the age of 6, Taylin is currently enjoying his childhood with the love and care of his parents and siblings.

During Taylin's birth, there was uncertainty about his paternity, as NBA YoungBoy had only spent one night with Nia. To confirm his relationship with Taylin, NBA YoungBoy requested a DNA test. The test ultimately proved that Taylin is indeed his biological son, and they have since shared a bond as father and child.

As of now, Taylin is growing up surrounded by the love and support of his family, embracing his early years with his parents and siblings.

DNA Test Proved Taylin Gaulden Was NBA YoungBoy's Son

Taylin Gaulden, the celebrity child, was born into a family of music royalty as the third son of the popular American rapper, NBA YoungBoy. However, his birth faced initial uncertainty from his father.

Taylin Gaulden father
Image: Taylin Gaulden with his father, NBA YoungBoy. Source: Instagram

Like many male musicians, NBA YoungBoy has been linked to several women, resulting in multiple children from different relationships. When Nia, Taylin's mother, announced her pregnancy, NBA YoungBoy requested a DNA test before fully accepting the responsibility of being Taylin's father. 

Some reports suggest that their relationship was based on a one-night stand, and this led to NBA YoungBoy seeking confirmation of paternity. Another report alleges that Nia's infidelity raised doubts about Taylin's parentage. Ultimately, the DNA test confirmed Taylin as NBA YoungBoy's third child, and he has since become a part of the rapper's family.

Parents Are Not Married Neither Dating

Nia and NBA YoungBoy are not married and do not live together. Their relationship was brief, and they share a son, Taylin, from their one-night stand. Despite their differences, they have managed to co-parent Taylin, but there are no indications of them reconciling or getting married in the future. 

Both have moved on to other relationships, and NBA YoungBoy has children with other women as well. Taylin lives with his father and his half-siblings, and NBA YoungBoy takes his role as a father seriously, ensuring he is actively involved in his children's lives. 

While Nia occasionally appears or posts about Taylin on social media, the media attention he receives mainly comes from his father's popularity. NBA YoungBoy strives to be a present and involved father, contrary to his own experience with his father, who was absent.

Get To Know Taylin Gaulden's Mother, 

Taylin Gaulden's mother is known as Trinia Nia. Her relationship with NBA YoungBoy resulted Taylin. However, after their relationship, Trinia faded from the spotlight, and little is known about her background or career details. 

Taylin Gaulden's mother.
Image: Trinia Nia with her son, Taylin Gaulden. Source: Instagram

There is no public information about her profession, and it is likely that she is not involved in the entertainment industry. Her current love life is also unknown, and she remains elusive from social media platforms, making it difficult to gather further details about her.

How Many Siblings Does Taylin Gaulden Have? 

NBA YoungBoy, the popular rapper, has seven children from six different girlfriends. His eldest son is Kayden Gaulden "Draco," born on July 4, 2016, to YoungBoy and Nisha. YoungBoy's daughter, Armani Gaulden, is Taylin's half-sister, born to NBA YoungBoy and his ex-girlfriend Nisha.

On July 19, 2016, YoungBoy had another son named Kamron Gaulden with Starr Dejanee. Although a DNA test proved he was not his biological father, YoungBoy chose to raise him as his own. Kamiri Gaulden, YoungBoy's third son, was born on July 6, 2017, and is the second child of YoungBoy and Starr Dejanee, nicknamed K3 by his father.

Taylin Gaulden's father welcomed his fifth son, Kacey Alexander Gaulden, on February 13, 2019, from his relationship with Jania Bania. The only sister that Taylin has is Kadi Capri, born on November 6, 2020, to YoungBoy and Drea Symone.

Gaulden's seventh child, Kentrell Jr, was born on January 9, 2021, with Iyanna Mayweather, renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather's daughter.

Net Worth of Taylin Gaulden in 2023

As of now, Taylin Gaulden, also known as Tay Tay, is too young to be involved in any profession or have a source of income. Being the son of NBA YoungBoy, the successful rapper with a net worth of $6 million as of 2023, Taylin's financial situation is supported by his father's wealth. 

Taylin Gaulden siblings
Image: Taylin Gaulden with his siblings. Source: Instagram

Therefore, based on available information, Taylin's net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 as of 2023. Living with his father, Taylin enjoys a luxurious life and has access to all the comforts and luxuries he needs. As he grows older, his financial circumstances may change, but for now, he is well taken care of by his celebrity father.

Taylin Gaulden Almost Died in Accident

On June 26, 2018, Taylin Gaulden, along with his father NBA YoungBoy, his mother Nia, and YoungBoy's sister Mya, was involved in a terrifying car accident. YoungBoy was driving the Lamborghini when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a roadside tree. 

Thankfully, everyone in the car survived the accident without any serious injuries or lasting damages. It was a frightening incident, but they were fortunate to come out of it relatively unscathed.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Taylin Gaulden, son of NBA YoungBoy, is currently around 3 feet (0.9 m) tall at the age of six. As he grows, he may take after his father's height, which is approximately 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). 

Taylin is part of a large and expanding family, with both his father's and mother's sides adding new members over time. Despite facing numerous legal issues, NBA YoungBoy makes an effort to be a present father in Taylin's life. 

As the young boy continues to grow, he will undoubtedly be surrounded by the love and support of his extended family.

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