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Thaddeus Moss Dad Randy Moss - How is the Father-Son Relationship?

Published Sun Nov 10 2019 By Travis
Thaddeus Moss Dad Randy Moss - How is the Father-Son Relationship?

How is NFL star Thaddeus Mosss's bond with his dad? Know about it!

Randy Moss is one of the best Wide Receivers to ever strap on the pads and take to the field in the NFL. The first-ballot Hall of Famer is up there with Jerry Rice as the two WR took first and second if there was a 100-year NFL draft right now. The only thing Randy Moss was not able to achieve in his life was getting to the Super Bowl, which he almost did with the monstrous New England offense of 2007.

Almost a thousand receptions, over 15,000 receiving yards, and 156 total touchdowns, there are few players who even come close to those numbers. The lack of a championship ring will always be the blemish in his clean and mind-blowing career, but it seems the father is going to be able to live his dream through his son.

thaddeus moss at his father Randy Moss' bust revealing ceremony in Canton after being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Thaddeus Moss at his father Randy Moss' bust revealing ceremony in Canton after being inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Source: The Daily Advertiser

Yes, Randy Moss’ son, Thaddeus Moss, is also a football player, and he is killing it on the LSU Tigers’ roster. The player is the number one Tight End on the depth chart, and after missing the whole of last year, the player is finally finding his grove; he was a major player when it came to the Tigers beating the Alabama Crimson Tide in the battle of the undefeated.

Thaddeus Moss’ Father Randy Moss, Mother Libby Offutt and His Early Career; The Father and Son Relationship

While Randy Moss was in College, he met his girlfriend Libby Offutt, and by the time he was burning college defenses, he was also becoming a father to his children. By the time he was the first-round pick in Minnesota, the player was a father, and even though his relationship with his girlfriend did not last long, the couple still looked after their kids.

Thaddeus Moss with his mom and dad

Young Thaddeus Moss with his family.

One of the four children of Randy Moss and Libby Offutt is Thaddeus Moss, and like his father, Thaddeus is also a football player. He started his footballing career in 2013 when he was a sophomore at Lincoln High. In high school, Thaddeus played on both sides of the ball, playing DE and TE for the team.

Thaddeus Moss's father Randy Moss and mother Libby Offutt.

Thaddeus Moss's father, Randy Moss, and mother, Libby Offutt.
Source: TMZ

After his family moved from New England, Thaddeus also transferred to Victory Christian Center High School in Charlotte, where his father became the team’s associate head coach. He finished out his high school career there, and scouts saw the talent he possessed, which is why he was offered a scholarship in almost all major college programs.

Just seeing how much he cared for his son, it seems Randy and Thaddeus are still on good terms. The relationship that breaks down between his father and mother is not something that affects the father-son dynamic. Thaddeus was there at his father's Hall of Fame induction, and Randy is seen in the stadium during his son's games.

Joining North Carolina State

After receiving multiple offers from various universities, the second last place he visited was the place where Thaddeus decided to start his college career. North Carolina State was the place he chose and starting in 2016; the player was a member of the active roster.

Joining North Carolina State

Thaddeus Moss signed for the Washington Football Team for the season 2020-2021 NFL.  

All in all, in the 2016 season, the player recorded only six receptions and a total of 49 yards, with one touchdown to show for the whole season. He was not happy with the situation he was put in, which is why Thaddeus was put in for a transfer in 2017 and moved to LSU Tigers in 2017.

Transferring to LSU Tigers and the Amazing Performance Against Alabama

NC State was the place where Thaddeus wanted to be, but then the offensive coordinator Matt Canada was fired by the University. Canada was the main reason for the player committing to the Wolfpack, but the firing caused the player to question his position at the organization.

Thaddeus put in for a transfer, and he moved to LSU Tigers, but he was not allowed to play for the team. 2017 was a throwaway year for the player who was not allowed to appear for LSU Tigers because of the NCAA transfer rules. The player started his career in the white and gold of LSU in 2018, but a foot injury ended his season pretty early.

Thaddeus Moss joined LSU Tigers in 2017.

Thaddeus Moss joined LSU Tigers in 2017.
Source: WAFB

But the lack of 2018 production was made up in 2019 when the player was named number one TE on the depth chart. He started his season with a lot of production, but the signature game came last night against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

In the second quarter of the battle between the undefeated teams in college football this season, Thaddeus was responsible for the second-best game of his career in the LSU uniform. He caught a ball on the sideline, which looked to be out of bounds but was toe-drag masterpiece reminiscent of his father’s exploits in his heyday.

Watch: The controversial Thaddeus Moss catch in the game versus Alabama.

Thaddeus is a big body receiver who doesn’t possess the speed of his father, but the strength and the awareness are there for all to see in the play. This season he’s played in 5 out of nine games and recorded 24 receptions for a total of 246 yards and one touchdown. He is the big body outlet for the Heisman favorite quarterback Joe Burrow. If Thaddeus keeps progressing, soon, his father will be talking about the player on sports talk show channels.

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