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The Business of Comedy: How Dan Aykroyd's Net Worth Stacks Up?

Published Thu Nov 30 2023 By Bsgurung
The Business of Comedy: How Dan Aykroyd's Net Worth Stacks Up?

Dan Aykroyd, born on July 1, 1952, is a Canadian actor, comedian, musician, and filmmaker renowned for his versatile contributions to the entertainment industry. Rising to fame as a cast member of the iconic sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" in the 1970s, Aykroyd further solidified his place in comedic history with his roles in classic films like "The Blues Brothers" and "Ghostbusters."

Beyond his comedic prowess, Aykroyd has exhibited a multifaceted career, delving into entrepreneurship with his successful Crystal Head Vodka brand. With a distinctive blend of wit, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, Dan Aykroyd remains a celebrated figure in the world of entertainment.

Dan Aykroyd's Net Worth in 2023

Canadian comedian, actor, and entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd, with a net worth of $250 million, gained fame as an original "Saturday Night Live" cast member. Renowned for his role as Ray Stantz in "Ghostbusters," he co-founded The Blues Brothers, originating as an SNL sketch and evolving into a successful band. 

Dan Aykrod net worth
Image: Young Dan Aykrod in the frame. Source: GQ Media

Their 1978 album, "Briefcase Full of Blues," achieved double platinum status, selling 3.5 million copies. Beyond his comedic talents, Aykroyd's entrepreneurial ventures include the successful Crystal Head Vodka brand. With a diverse career spanning comedy, acting, and business, Aykroyd remains a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry.

Earnings From Ghostbusters 

To secure the "Ghostbusters" script, Columbia Pictures agreed to lucrative terms negotiated by CAA's Michael Ovitz. The principal actors (Aykroyd, Murray, Ramis) and director Ivan Reitman received 30% of the film's gross revenues from box office, home video, and licensing deals. 

Ultimately, this amounted to a $300 million payout, evenly split among the four, resulting in $75 million per person. Adjusted for inflation, it equals an astounding $200 million per individual.

More Money From Ghostbusters II

For the "Ghostbusters II" sequel, the four principals, including Dan Aykroyd, secured a lucrative deal with a $6 million upfront salary and a 35% share of the gross. 

Despite the sequel earning around $215 million at the box office, conservative estimates suggest each principal earned about $50 million through salary and backend points. 

In total, before adjusting for inflation, Aykroyd amassed approximately $125 million from the first two "Ghostbusters." After inflation adjustment, this amounts to an impressive $310 million in today's dollars.

His Company Crystal Head Vodka Generates over $80 Million in Annual Revenue

In 2007, Dan Aykroyd and a business partner introduced Crystal Head Vodka, investing $600,000 in the venture. Recognizable for its triple-distilled quality, the vodka is uniquely packaged in crystal containers resembling human skulls. 

The enterprise experienced significant growth, surpassing $55 million in annual revenue by 2011. Presently, the company's annual revenue ranges between $80-$100 million, reflecting the enduring success of Crystal Head Vodka in the market.

Investment in Real Estate

In 1988, Dan Aykroyd and his brother acquired a 4,176 sq ft Los Angeles house for $732,500, later selling it for $2.13 million in 2008. In 2007, he purchased a 4-bedroom Pacific Palisades home for $14.5 million and sold his 4,828 sq ft Hollywood Hills residence for $3.8 million in 2008. 

By 2014, Aykroyd listed the Pacific Palisades property for rent at $45,000 per month. These real estate transactions showcase Aykroyd's involvement in the dynamic Los Angeles property market, reflecting both acquisitions and strategic sales throughout the years.

His Wife and Kids

Dan Aykroyd, briefly engaged to actress Carrie Fisher, proposed during The Blues Brothers. The engagement ended as Fisher reunited with musician Paul Simon. In 1983, Aykroyd wed actress Donna Dixon, whom he met on the set of Doctor Detroit. The couple featured in films like Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) and Spies Like Us (1985). 

Dan Aykroyd wife
Image: Donna Dixon with her husband, Dan Aykroyd together at the event. Source; EW

Their marriage of 39 years produced three daughters, including Danielle, known as Vera Sola. In April 2022, the couple announced their separation but planned to remain legally married. Aykroyd's romantic journey intertwines with his prolific career in the entertainment industry.

Social Works and Charities

In 2009, Dan Aykroyd shared reflections on his Canadian upbringing for the charity album "Dan Aykroyd's Canada." He co-founded the Blue Line Foundation, aiding in the redevelopment of flood-damaged lots in New Orleans. 

The foundation facilitates first responders' purchase of these properties at reduced prices, with Coastal Blue Line LLC aiming to rebuild 400 properties in the city. 

Aykroyd is also a member of the Canadian charity Artists Against Racism, showcasing his commitment to philanthropy and social causes.

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