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The Man Behind the Star: Getting to Know Milo Manheim's Father, Jeffrey Brezovar

Published Mon Jan 22 2024 By Marshall
The Man Behind the Star: Getting to Know Milo Manheim's Father, Jeffrey Brezovar

Milo Manheim, known for his role as Zed in Disney Channel's Zombies franchise, has gained Hollywood success. While his mother is a public figure in the entertainment industry, less is known about his father, Jeffrey Brezovar

Despite being separated from Milo's mother, Jeffrey has remained actively involved in his son's life, fostering a loving father-and-son relationship. Milo's rising popularity has sparked public interest in his family dynamics, with fans keen to learn more about the talented actor's personal life.

Who Are Milo Manheim's Father and Mother? 

Jeffrey Brezovar became Milo Manheim's father through his close friendship with actress Camryn Manheim. Meeting in Hollywood during their careers, their bond strengthened over the years. 

Milo Manheim father
Image: Milo Manheim with his father, Jeffrey Brezovar together. Source: Instagram

In the late '90s, aware of Camryn's desire to have a child as a single mother, Jeffrey, a fashion professional with a yearning for parenthood, volunteered as a sperm donor. 

Despite the fast-paced lifestyle common in his community, Jeffrey chose a different path. The IVF process was successful, leading to the birth of Milo on March 6, 2001. Both parents expressed immense joy, with Jeffrey noting the happiness Milo brought to Camryn and describing him as a spectacular baby.

Mother, Camryn Manheim Gathered Full Custody of Milo 

Jeffrey Brezovar and Camryn Manheim, in a typical sperm donor arrangement, granted full legal and physical custody of Milo to the actress while keeping his paternity confidential. Despite occasional visits from Brezovar, speculation arose, prompting them to initially deny his fatherhood. 

In 2005, they planned a feature in Out Magazine to discuss their unique family dynamic. However, as the publication date neared, Camryn, concerned about unwanted scrutiny, had the interview re-edited. She aimed to shield Milo from the potential repercussions of having a gay father. 

Although the Out Magazine incident strained their relationship, Brezovar and Camryn reconciled, remaining great friends. Camryn continued as Milo's primary parent, while Brezovar maintained a significant, albeit long-distance, role in his son's life.

Jeffrey Brezovar Role as Milo Manheim's Father

Over time, Jeff Brezovar openly embraces his role as Milo's dad, evident on his Instagram where their close relationship is showcased through vacation pictures and heartfelt birthday tributes. 

The proud father prominently supports Milo's achievements, notably when Milo became the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Jeff actively rallied support on social media and joined Camryn in the audience during the finals, celebrating Milo and his dance partner's second-place finish. 

Through public displays of affection, Jeff expresses unwavering pride and joy in his son, marking a significant shift from the earlier decision to keep Milo's paternity private.

What Does Milo Manheim's Father Do For Living? 

Retired from modeling, Jeffrey Brezovar explores new passions like photography, embracing a quiet life in Lake Lucerne. An enthusiastic hiker and globetrotter, he has visited 107 countries, sharing stunning scenery from his travels. 

Jeffrey Brezovar kid
Image: Jeffrey Brezovar with his son, Milo Manheim enjoying vacation. Source: Twitter

Despite a low profile, fueled by his privacy, some mistakenly speculate about his well-being. Notably, Brezovar had a past romance with renowned interior designer Nate Berkus in 2006, but since their breakup, his personal life remains discreet. 

While unlinked publicly, his relationship status remains uncertain, suggesting a deliberate choice to shield any potential partner from public scrutiny.

Jeffrey Brezovar Was a Former Model

Jeffrey Brezovar, renowned as Milo Manheim's father, initially gained fame as a professional model. Originating from Middleton, he embarked on his modeling career in the late '70s, progressing from modest gigs to high-profile contracts. 

Brezovar graced the covers of prominent magazines, notably Vogue Australia in 1986 and Vogue U.K. in 1989. His notable association with the Aramis brand as the "Aramis man" for Estee Lauder's men's cologne further elevated his status in the '80s and '90s. 

Unfazed by public scrutiny of his openly gay identity, Brezovar navigated Hollywood's social scene, interacting with celebrities, and embracing his authentic self throughout his successful modeling career.

Get to Know His Son, Milo Manheim

Milo Manheim, born on March 6, 2001, emerged as a talented American actor, best known for his breakout role as Zed in Disney Channel's Zombies franchise. 

Hailing from a family with connections to the entertainment industry, Milo is the son of actress Camryn Manheim and model Jeffrey Brezovar. 

Growing up in Hollywood, he navigated the spotlight, showcasing his acting prowess and dancing skills. Milo made history as the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars, reflecting his multifaceted talents. 

With a rising career and a charismatic presence, Milo Manheim has captured the attention of audiences, solidifying his status as a promising young star.

How Old is Jeffrey Brezovar Today? 

Born in 1961 in Middleton, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Brezovar, an American of Caucasian ethnicity, grew up in a loving family with multiple siblings, notably his sister Pat.

Milo Manheim mother
Image: Milo Manheim with his mother, Camryn Manheim. Source: Pinterest

Enjoying a great childhood in Middleton, he developed a passion for sports, particularly football. After graduating from Middleton High School in the late '70s, Brezovar ventured into a modeling career, capitalizing on his natural blonde good looks and a well-maintained physique. 

While specific details about his parents remain undisclosed, his social media presence hints at a close-knit family background, reflecting the foundations of his early years in Middleton.

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