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The Real Truth About Bella Thorne Breast Augmentation

Published Sat Dec 07 2019 By Travis
The Real Truth About Bella Thorne Breast Augmentation

Practically growing up on TV, in front of the eyes of millions of watching audience, is a messed up thing to imagine. If you’ve ever watched 'The Truman Show,' then you probably know how the constant knowledge of your public life can mess a person’s brain up. The movie with Jim Carrey was a hyper-reality version of real life, but it is still the truth.

When people think they know you better than you yourself, sometimes you start to believe it and try to change how you are perceived. It is what Bella Thorne’s trying to do for the better part of a decade, trying to distance herself from the right, sweet, innocent girl perception from her Disney days.

Ever since she left the channel and her dancing days with Zendaya behind, Bella’s been hard at work to get as far away as possible from her past image. So, to shed her good girl appearance, she started stripping down her clothes and posted seminude pictures, a steady stream of boyfriends, and then most recently, directing an adult movie. But she is not only changing her image, but the actress is also hard at work changing her body, most of it was a natural growth, but her boobs are something fans think is plastic surgery.

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Is Bella Thorne Boob Job Real?

The actress started her career at Disney, and soon after she left, there was a mass exodus of her appearance past as the actress tried to reimagine herself in a new image. Fans were scorned; she became a hot button topic, whether it was for posting nudes before her hackers got the chance and getting into a fight with Whoopie Goldberg or posting racy snaps with her new boyfriend.

Bella Thorne chest seems to be larger than it used to be.
Bella Thorne's chest seems to be larger than it used to be.
Source: Getty

But there was also one aspect of the actress which changed with her changing age and persona, her chest. After Bella became of legal age, her chest was still that of a woman her size, but then in a span of a year and a half, the chest went from almost flat to three times the past size. Genes were probably not at work then because of the exponential rate; the whole thing was there.

Also, she posted some pictures on Instagram where the actress was showing off her sideboob, and on the selfie light, something suspicious was caught; there were marks on the side of her chest, which looked like surgery points to get the implants in. The actress never said anything about getting breast augmentation surgery, but the scars tell a different story confirming fans’ theory the actress got a boob job.

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What is the Verdict on the Actress getting a Boob Job?

Okay, the only way her boob job can be confirmed is if the doctor who did the surgery talks about it, which is unlikely, or if the actress herself admits to getting some work done on her body. Like Kylie Jenner keeps telling, she almost never went under the knife, which is apparently false; the case of Bella Thorne is a little complicated.

All signs points to Bella Thorne getting a boob job.
All signs point to Bella Thorne getting a boob job.
Source: Pretty

There was an exponential jump from the way she looked in 2016-to 2019, most of it is probably just natural growth, but the scar at the side of her boob and the inherently large size of the body part which came out of nowhere leads us to believe the actress got breast augmentation surgery. But we can neither confirm nor deny the whole thing unless someone in the know speaks about the whole thing. Also, look at the pictures and decided for yourself; our work is done.

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