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The Story of Mary Joan Schutz, Ex-Wife of Gene Wilder

Published Thu Jan 11 2024 By Bsgurung
The Story of Mary Joan Schutz, Ex-Wife of Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder, the versatile actor, producer, director, author, and screenwriter, passed away on August 29, 2016, at his Stamford, Connecticut home. His ex-wife, Mary Joan Schutz, shared a life with the talented performer. 

Wilder, known for his singing prowess, succumbed to complications of Alzheimer's disease, a diagnosis he had kept private since 2013 to avoid saddening his fans. The beloved entertainer's departure marked the end of a remarkable career that left an indelible impact on the entertainment industry.

Mary Joan Schutz is the Second Wife of Gene Wilder

After divorcing his first wife, Mary Mercier, in 1965, Gene Wilder began dating Mary Joan Schutz, whom he married on October 27, 1967. Mary, a friend of Gene's sister, had a daughter named Katharine from a previous marriage, whom Gene legally adopted the same year. 

Gene Wilder second wife
Image: Mary Joan Schutz with her late husband, Gene Wilder together in the frame. Source: Pinterest

However, their marriage faced challenges, leading to divorce in 1974 amid suspicions of Gene's involvement with his "Young Frankenstein" co-star, Madeline Kahn

The split resulted in estrangement from Katharine. Despite seven years of marriage, Gene and Mary Joan's relationship ended, marking a tumultuous chapter in the actor's personal life.

Ex-Husband, Gene Wilder's Other Marriages

Gene Wilder's romantic journey included marrying Mary Mercier in 1960, but they divorced in 1965. Soon after, he wed Mary Joan Schutz in 1967, adopting her daughter Katharine. The marriage ended in 1974 amid suspicions of an affair with Madeline Kahn.

Briefly dating Teri Garr, Wilder later met Gilda Radner in 1981 during Hanky Panky filming. They married in 1984, facing Radner's ovarian cancer battle until her tragic death in 1989. 

Devastated, Wilder became an advocate, establishing the Gilda Radner Ovarian Cancer Detection Center. After reconnecting with Karen Webb, a clinical supervisor, he married her in 1991, residing in Connecticut.

Get To Know Mary Joan Schutz's Adoptive Daughter, Katharine Wilder

Gene Wilder's adopted daughter, Katharine Wilder, retains a mysterious background, with no disclosed information about her birth name, date of birth, or biological father. After Gene's legal adoption, she assumed the name Katharine Wilder. 

Holding American nationality, details about her education remain elusive. Katharine has made appearances in productions like Murder on the Orient Express, Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet, and Frontier. 

Described as gorgeous with captivating blue eyes and light brown hair, specifics about her body measurements are undisclosed. Notably, she maintains a low profile, lacking a presence on social media platforms.

Ex-Husband, Gene Wilder Was a Famous Actor

Jerome Silberman, professionally known as Gene Wilder (June 11, 1933 – August 29, 2016), was an acclaimed American actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker. Renowned for his comedic prowess, he achieved iconic status as Willy Wonka in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" (1971). 

Collaborating with Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, he starred in classics like "The Producers" (1967), "Blazing Saddles" (1974), and "Stir Crazy" (1980). 

Wilder began on stage and gained fame as Leopold Bloom in "The Producers," earning an Oscar nomination. His works included directing "The Woman in Red" (1984) and promoting cancer awareness following his third wife Gilda Radner's 1989 ovarian cancer death.

He Died in 2016

Gene Wilder, the iconic actor, passed away on August 29, 2016, at 83, succumbing to Alzheimer's disease at his Stamford, Connecticut home. Diagnosed three years earlier, he kept the news private to spare young fans of "Willy Wonka" from distress.

Gene Wilder death
Image; Legendary actor, Gene Wilder died in 2016. Source: Twitter

Nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman revealed this decision aimed to preserve the joy associated with the character. Wilder, surrounded by family, died while listening to Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of "Over the Rainbow." 

Mel Brooks, grieving on The Tonight Show, emphasized Wilder's impact. Tributes poured in on social media, with James Corden describing him as a "magical person." The Academy honored Wilder during the Oscars In Memoriam segment.

How Old is Mary Joan Today? 

Mary Joan, the biological mother of Katharine Wilder, parted ways with her husband Gene Wilder in 1974. Details about Mary Joan's age, birth, parents, siblings, education, and ethnicity remain undisclosed. 

She shared a friendship with Gene's sister, Corinne. No information is available regarding Mary Joan's independent career or her pursuits after her separation from Gene, leaving her post-divorce professional endeavors shrouded in mystery.

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