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The Witcher: Check Out The 5 Book Storylines The Show Could Adapt

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
The Witcher: Check Out The 5 Book Storylines The Show Could Adapt

Acclaimed book series, equally and even more critically acclaimed game series, in two different mediums The Witcher can say it left a mark and their own corner of history. Now The Witcher is coming to another dominate another medium of entertainment to accomplish something few other franchises managed to do over the years.

The Witcher was greenlit by Netflix last year with Henry Cavill set to star as the leading character of 'Geralt of Rivia'. Also, Anya Chalotra, the talented theatre actress, was hired to play the beloved role of Yennefer. We also got confirmation from the series creator of the show during The Witcher’s comic con panel in 2019; they will not be adapting the games which act as the sequels to the beloved book series.

The three main cast members of The Witcher.
The Witcher is coming to Netflix and the series is based on the books instead of the games.

Source: Radio Times

So, with the knowledge, the series will only be adapting the books instead of the games, we know a little something of what to expect from the series. The material and the content within the Andrzej Sapkowski books are extremely rich, and there are no shortages of materials for the writers of the series to work with. We are only months away from the release of The Witcher on Netflix and here are some of the storylines from the books we would like to see in the series.

5. Dandelion

Dandelion in the series The Witcher.

'Dandelion' is the Yang to Geralt’s Ying, and if there is one complaint we can levy against the amazing game 'The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt' is the portrayal of Dandelion. He is the levity to the brooding and dark nature of Geralt in the book series; Dandelion traveled with Geralt and the strings playing a witty friend of Geralt was exactly the person Geralt needed to be around to offset the doom and gloom of the monster-hunting White Wolf.

The games were lacking in their portrayal of the character, and the series will possess a vast array of source material to do the character justice. This will be a great way to make sure there is someone around Geralt who can show other emotions than just sadness and anger.

4. Dijkstra And Philipa

Dijkstra And Philipa in The Witcher

One of the favorite aspects of the games was the relationship between 'Djikstra' and 'Philipa'. Two of the sauciest characters in the series in the beloved game were fan favorites, and there is extensive background story about the two in the books. It would be a good idea to include the two character just out of the fact they will give you some of the best one-liners and the wittiest of lines. We would love to see these two turn up the fun in the series before Geralt gets all serious and angry.

3. Geralt’s Relationship With Trish

Geralt and Trish in The Witcher.

Geralt was in a relationship with 'Trish', and he regrets everything which happened between them. In the game, you were allowed to choose between Yennefer and Trish which allowed you to run away with Trish, but the books are different in their storytelling, it is not about love Geralt and Trish share. It is the remorse Geralt feels after sleeping with Trish, though Trish loves him, he does not feel the same about her, and this can create a sweet conflict of character in the show. In the series, they can forgo the relationship between Yennefer and Geralt and just get Trish as the love interest. Much of the fans were contentious about the hiring of Anya as Yennefer because she was much younger than Henry to play his love interest and the creators and writers of the show just can forgo the whole thing by getting another love interest involved and allowing Yennefer an independent storyline.

2. The Lady Of The Lake

The Lady of the Lake book.

Netflix used to be a patient content creator; they used to produce shows just for the hell of it, to recommend to people when they are done with one aspect of the series. The discoverable series are gone because of the addition of much competition when it comes to streaming services. Netflix is playing free and lose when it comes to original content and canning of such shows without giving them the time to wrap up the storyline. For example, The OA was canned after just two seasons and after the second season ended on a cliffhanger.

If The Witcher does survive the canning and Netflix allows the series to run its course then there is no better way to end the series then the adaptation of 'The Lady of the Lake' which is more about finality and end of a story. The book was released in 1999, and since then the writer added another book to the series, but we would love to see the adaptation of this one come to life.

1. Yennefer’s Background

Yennefer of Vengerberg

Yennefer is a rich character which went through a lot in the books, and her path to becoming the strongest Witch in the Continent was riddled with challenges. After she was born, her father left because of the deformity suffered by Anya and her mother also abandoned her after a while. The reason she became a Witch was when she was taken to a sanctuary by the Witches and taught to use magic so she could heal herself and become beautiful.

Using magic, she gets rid of her deformity and becomes the greatest magician in the world which a background not particularly okay for the current climate, but still, it is something we want to see in detail. Going by the trailer released at comic-con, it is more than likely we are definitely going to see the origin of Yennefer and her journey from deformed to beautiful.

Watch: The trailer for The Witcher arriving this fall only on Netflix

The Witcher’s creator did say if they get to a point where the book materials are over then they might delve into the game series as a last resort, but the richness of the lore in the books particularly makes it unlikely we will see the adaptation of the games into the series. But these are the things from the books we would like to see in the upcoming series from Netflix. Currently, The Witcher release date is in the fall of this year with October more than likely destination.