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Top 10 Facts About Charlie Sheen; Net Worth, Movies, Children, Brother, Dad, Ex-Wife, And More!

Published Mon Jun 10 2019 By David
Top 10 Facts About Charlie Sheen; Net Worth, Movies, Children, Brother, Dad, Ex-Wife, And More!

Charlie Sheen has a place with one of the largest power families in Hollywood. His father, Martin Sheen, is a notable actor who has featured in many movies and television shows such as 'The Departed,' 'Apocalypse Now,' 'The West Wing' and 'Grace and Frankie.'

His brother, Emilio Estevez, starred in films such as 'The Mighty Ducks' and 'The Breakfast Club' as well as taking a backseat as director for a number of big screen projects. Sheen’s two other kin have also acted and worked in a variety of films.

Charlie Sheen has picked up a notoriety for being a Hollywood “bad boy” through his wild lifestyle. This reputation grew in 2011 when Sheen was dismissed from his career-defining show, 'Two and A Half Men,' which led the actor to have a highly publicized “meltdown”. During that period, he made outlandish expressions including claims that he was a “warlock” who had “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”, in addition to coining his now renowned adage “winning”.

While Charlie’s antics have given him the most consideration, there are quite a few strange actualities most people don’t know about him and his family including his dad and ex-wife. 

Here are 10 Weird Facts About Charlie Sheen And His Family.

Barely Survived His Birth

Charlie sheen barely survived his birth.
SOURCE: Pinterest

At the time when Charlie was born, he promptly turned blue and had nearly lost his life. A doctor named “Irwin” saved him and called him “a blue baby,” and so came his real name Carlos Irwin Estevez. Charlie Sheen’s fatherly grandparents were originally from Galicia (Spain) and Ireland.

Charlie Sheen Has At Least 12 Tattoos

Charlie Sheen has about 12 tattoos on his body. 
SOURCE: Pinterest

He has constantly included and removed from his collection over the years, but at this point, the actor has in any event 12 tattoos on his body.

Most strikingly, he had a tattoo done by the unbelievable Japanese craftsmen Bonten Taró that portrayed a Japanese divinity on his lower arm, later having it concealed with the logo of the Cincinnati Reds.

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Beneath his chest, he has a tattoo of an apple with the expression "Demise From Above". "Denise", his ex's name was inked on his wrist yet then supplanted with "winning". He additionally has a delineation of the Peanut's character Charlie Brown with an idea bubble that says "Mother".

Star Friends

In childhood, charlie sheen was a friend to Robert Downey Junior, Sean Penn, Rob Lowe, and many others.
SOURCE: Screen Rant 

While he was at Santa Monica High School, he made a couple of companions who later went on to become future stars, like Rob Lowe, Robert Downey Jr., and Sean Penn. He also made home movies with friends and future icons such as Rob and Chad Lowe, Sean and Christopher Penn, and Tom Cruise as well.

Kicked Out Of High school!

Sheen was kicked out of high school.
SOURCE: Pinterest

Sheen was expelled from Santa Monica High School subsequent to being arrested for credit card fraud, losing the scholarship offer and hence ending his pro-ball dream.

An Avid Gun Collector

Charlie Sheen is also a collector of guns.
SOURCE: Internet Movie 

Sheen used to gather guns, and always takes it when he films on location. But, once he accidentally shot Kelly Preston’s (who was also his fiance at the time) arm, and as of now he no longer owns any of them following a domestic violence charge.

Rich to Rags

Charlie Sheen was the highest paid tv actor during Two and a half men.
SOURCE: show biz magazine

Sheen once was amongst the richest TV actors with the net worth of $ 125 million. His paychecks on “Two and a Half Men” rose from $350,000 per episode in 2006 to $825,000 per episode in 2008 to $1.25 million in 2010; each season comprised of 22 episodes. Before Sheen's termination, he was receiving $1.8 million per episode. Fast forward to his life post-HIV diagnosis and the actor is almost flat out broke. 

Tweeted His Number Once

Charlie Sheen once accidentally revealed his number to the public. 
SOURCE: Twitter

When Sheen thought he was sending his number to Justin Bieber in a private message, he by mistake shared his number publicly on his Twitter page. This resulted in a flood of phone calls, which ultimately caused him to get a new phone number.

Baseball Fan

Charlie Sheen is a huge fan of Cincinnati Reds.
SOURCE: Gaslamp 

Charlie Sheen is a huge baseball fanatic and an avid Cincinnati Reds fan. He once ended up owning the historic ball hit by Mookie Wilson that rolled between Bill Buckner’s legs in the 1986 playoffs. Sheen says he’d rather have one at-bat in the major leagues than score an Oscar.

Charlie Sheen Once Held a World Record

Charlie Sheen once broke a Twitter record for most fan gained in short span of time.
SOURCE: Google 

When sheen first created his Twitter account in March of 2011, he marked a Guinness World Record for the shortest span of time needed to reach 1 million followers. Sheen broke the record before even sending his first tweet and picked up a normal of 129,000 followers a day.

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That record, however, was broken in June 2015, when Caitlyn Jenner joined Twitter. Jenner broke the 1 million follower mark in just 4 hours and 3 minutes.

Failed Marriages

Charlie Sheen was married to three different women. 

Charlie Sheen has been married thrice, to Donna Peele (1995–1996), Denise Richards (2002–2006), and Brooke Mueller (2008–2011), and has 5 children and also a grandchild. Sheen’s oldest child, Cassandra Jade Estevez, is 34 while his youngest, Max and Bob Sheen, are both eight-years of age.

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In 2010, Sheen’s oldest daughter got hitched to her high school sweetheart at Santa Barbara’s Bacara Resort and Spa. Sheen was in participation and walked his daughter down the aisle to the tune of 'Flightless Bird' from the Twilight soundtrack.

In 2013, Charlie Sheen turned into a grandfather after Cassandra gave birth to a baby girl named Luna.