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Top 10 Most Brutal Final Destination Deaths In The Entire Franchise!

Published Wed Jun 05 2019 By David
Top 10 Most Brutal Final Destination Deaths In The Entire Franchise!

There have been a lot of deaths in the Final Destination series. The supernaturally deliberate & elaborate fatal scenes have made the franchise extremely successful.

Here are our favorite Final Destination deaths of all five movies, the ones that we think stand out as the most memorable and shocking. The rule; the deaths could not be part of any of the premonition sequences; these are the deaths that actually happened.

10 – Olivia (Final Destination 5)

"Olivia" sets up for laser eye surgery. She is set up under the machine with her head firmly secured and her right eyelid is held open with a speculum. It’s at this time her doctor has to quickly pop out to get her correct file.

Unfortunately, this is when Death decides to act, knocking over a cup of water that spills onto the laser unit causing it to activate & reach an intense power. Olivia tries to reach for the emergency stop button but ends up accidentally propelling it & getting lasered in the eye, her hand & then her eye again.

Blinded, she figures out how to free herself before stumbling over a teddy bears eye and dropping out the window to her demise.

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The scene closes with her one eye popping out of her head and to be kept running over by a passing vehicle. The laser eye medical procedure idea is something that will make numerous individuals move a little awkwardly.

9 – Billy (Final Destination)

Often the best death scenes in the franchise are the ones with the very little build. "Billy’s" passing comes during all the focus is on the other characters. The group figures how to abstain from getting hit by the train in the first movie. We at that point see a sharp bit of metal on the track wobble under the force of the passing train.

Sean William Scott portrayed the character of Billy Hitchcock in Final Destination (2000).

SOURCE: Fandom

Billy stands above the characters yelling joyously about how they were all supposed to die but didn't. The piece of metal shakes then gets thumped into the air with force ultimately decapitating Billy.

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With the emphasis being on the other characters, it is a stunning death as it truly comes out of the blue. The short scene of the metal shaking under the force of the train as it passes disclose you something awful is going to happen & it doesn’t frustrate.

8 – Erin (Final Destination 3)

"Erin" is such a forgettable character that even her demise is developed as someone else’s first. The whole sequence is based around the character of "Ian" as he contends with the leads about the likelihood of Death chasing them. He causes a box to fall off a shelf that begins a slow-moving forklift that eventually leads to him being spared at the last second. Lamentably for Erin, she (being next in the line) winds up taking high-powered nails to the face from a close-range nail gun.

Alexz Johnson as Erin Ulmer in Final Destination 3.

SOURCE: Fanpop

It may not sound especially great but rather the visual of the nails punching into her skull while she jolts in torment is extremely difficult to watch.

7 – Brian (Final Destination 2)

The last death of the second movie is so unexpected it’s close splendid. "Brian" isn’t even a piece of the fundamental cast, instead, he is someone that Rory rescues just before he is brutally slaughtered.

Brian dies from an exploding barbecue in Final Destination 2.

SOURCE: Fandom

He’s a character you’ll totally disregard about so during the final scene when his mother reveals his lucky escape & we see the BBQ explode, it’s an authentic stun. The blast is colossal, executing him & dropping his arm onto his mom's dinner plate.

6 – Ashley/Ashlyn (Final Destination 3)

What makes this such a unique twofold death is just how shocking the situation is. It’s presumably a standout amongst the most convoluted of the entire series. Almost to the point of humorousness but the end result is so grisly it deserves this position.

Asley and Ashlyn die at a tanning booth in Final Destination 3.

SOURCE: Fanpop

"Ashley" & "Ashlyn" are getting tans but end up getting trapped inside the beds with the temperature surging higher & higher.

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Their acknowledgment that they are trapped & the frenzy that sets in is one thing, the imagery of their bodies blistering, the glass breaking before blazes shoot out of the beds is another.

5 – Tim (Final Destination 2)

In the second rendition of the epic movie series, Tim is killed by a falling sheet of glass. Amazingly the writers wanted him to be significantly more youthful but the studio said no!

Tim Carpenter portrayed by James Kirk in Final Destination 2.

SOURCE: Fanpop

One of the better setups suggests that he will kick the bucket in the dentist’s chair & he sort of comes close after almost choking on a toy. In any case, that is not the arrangement for Tim. Focus on the birds that keep hitting the window, they are significant.

The shot of his body folding up under an enormous sheet of glass. One that is dropped from a stature onto him is tormenting. It’s gory & his mother’s reaction is so noteworthy.

4 – Rory (Final Destination 2)

A demise that offers similarities to "Erin's". After the character "Kat" kicks the bucket, she drops a lit cigarette that touches off a trail of gas that explodes a van.

Jonathan Cherry as Rory in Final Destination 2.

SOURCE: Fandom

The power of the blast dispatches a wired fence towards him cutting his body in three. It's unexpected and stunning yet in addition, maintains a strategic distance from a convoluted setup bringing about a horrifying death.

3 - Terry (Final Destination)

As said over, the best deaths in the Final Destination franchise are the ones that appeared suddenly. Ones that regularly have next to no setup. In the wake of contending with the remainder of the cast, "Terry" goes to go and totally out of the blue gets completely flattened by a bus. It's a jump scare moment works and its not even a horror genre.

Amanda Detmer as Terry in Final Destination (2000).

SOURCE: Lord Voldemort

This minute stunned each individual watching this movie for the first time and even on a continued survey, it's still a staggeringly well-done scene.

2 – Candice (Final Destination 5)

"Candice" is rehearsing her gymnastic moves on several different pieces of equipment. It creates tension by having her skip & almost venture on a small screw as she uses the parity pillar. However, that’s not meant for her, instead, her fate comes as she swings on a horizontal bar.

Ellen Wroe as Candice in Final Destination 5 (2011).

SOURCE: Movie Films 

Blinded by the powder, she is diverted by the scream of another person; someone who steps on the screw bringing about Candice landing extremely poorly.

Pointlessly dragged out, what makes this such a good kill, in the end, is the visual of her broken & crumpled body. Coming quite early on, it might not have as much impact as some of the later passing but it will certainly make you recoil. 

1 – Hunt (The Final Destination) 

When trying to recover his lucky coin from a now active pool draining pump, "Hunt" is sucked into the channel butt first. Unable to move he desperately tries to scream for help to no avail before his inner parts are sucked out of his rear end thereby killing him in the most gruesome way possible.

Nick Zano as Hunt in Final Destination 4.

SOURCE: Fanpop

The visual of his guts being shot out of the poolside pump close by his coin is one that will make you think twice before you jump into the pool.

The fact that it deserves a top spot is because he's the one who suffers most of all.