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Top 5 Facts About Christina Anstead's HGTV Show 'Christina on the Coast'

Published Mon Aug 19 2019 By Travis
Top 5 Facts About Christina Anstead's HGTV Show 'Christina on the Coast'

'Christina on the Coast' is a spin-off franchise based on the Flip or Flop franchise, and it is hosted by Christina Anstead (former El Moussa). Who got her spin-off show in 2018 and the new series premiered on HGTV in 2019.

'Christina on the Coast' is like 'Flip or Flop' where Christina goes around buying and fixing up houses to sell them for profit. The format was a huge success for HGTV, and many other networks copied the style of the show and made their own version of the series.

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Flip or Flop was started by Christina and her then-husband, Tarek El Moussa. After the housing market collapsed, Christina and her husband asked their friend to film an episode/audition tape, which they sent to HGTV and they liked the format, and we got the wonderful home renovating series.

Christina recently got her new show and here are top five facts about the Christina Anstead HGTV show ‘Christina on the Coast.’

5. Fans Were Not Happy

Christina on the coast.

When the show was announced, fans were not happy with the fact the duo who brought Flip or Flop to the screen would be doing solo shows when they were amazing together. Christina on the Coast was criticized for lacking the dynamic the two former couple possessed. Though the cry was dampened later on with some fantastic episodes, still there were some sections of fans who wanted to see Tarek and Christina together. The couple is still hosting the main Flip or Flop show together but ‘Christina on the Coast’ is her show.

4. Christina On The Coast Is The Eight Installment In The Flip Or Flop Franchise

Flip or Flop series poster.

After Flip or Flop aired in 2013, the series was a huge success, and it branched out into various franchises. Finally, the show came back to the coast, and Christina on the Coast was given a series order which made the show, the eighth installment in the Flip or Flop franchise. With Tarek’s show 'Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa' also coming, whether his girlfriend will feature in the show is not clear yet, it will become the ninth installment in the franchise which just keeps growing.

3. Over 12 Million Viewers watched Christina On The Coast

Christina on the coast.

Christina on the Coast was a massive success for HGTV, the nine episodes first season of the series brought in more than 12 million viewers. All the episodes averaged over 1.4 million live viewers and counting the rewatch the show was a huge rating hit for the Discovery-owned network. No matter the early fans backlash, it seems the rating did the talking in the end.

2. Christina On The Coast Was Renewed For A Second Season

After the massive success of the first season, it was obvious the series was going to get a renewal for a second season, and finally, the announcement happened, and Christina on the Coast was renewed for a second season. The series will premiere sometime next year, and Christina shared her excitement on her Instagram account where she posted “beyond excited” for the new season of the series. Christina is pregnant right now, so maybe once the baby arrives, she will be back shooting for the next series.

1. Christine On The Coast Season 2 Will Focus More On Christina’s Family

Christina on the coast.

“In season two, we will join Christina as she grows her design business and navigates relationships with her friends and family, including her husband and new baby. Everyone is rooting for her and her family as they build a whole new life,” Jane Latman, the president of HGTV said. The second season will focus on flipping houses, but the show will also look into the dynamics of having a new baby and sharing joint custody of her two children with her ex and her new relationship with her husband. We are down for it all.

The 13 episodes of Christina on the Coast is coming to HGTV sometime in the early summertime 2020, so be on the look-out for the announcement of the premiere date. It will be an awesome time for Flip or Flop fans, two new spin-off series in a single year!