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Top 5 Facts About Jesse Eisenberg's Wife Anna Strout!

Published Wed Jul 17 2019 By Kenshinpark
Top 5 Facts About Jesse Eisenberg's Wife Anna Strout!

Anna Strout is the wife of award-winning actor and 'Social Network' star Jesse Eisenberg.

Anna is quite successful in her career. However, her popularity and fame climbed the new heights after she got married to Hollywood sensation Jesse Eisenberg.

Here are the top five facts about Anna Strout you should know.

5. Anna Strout Writes

Anna Strout is playwright and author. However, her contribution is still unconfirmed.

Anna Strout with her husband Jesse Eisenberg in one of the events. (Source: Panda Gossips)

Anna is believed to have written multiple books as well; however, due to her very private life, the real information never leaks.

4. Anna Is Not Active On Social Media

Anna Strout, as we know her, is very secretive and never shares her personal life's information on the public.

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Following the trend, the actor's wife has never signed up in any social media.

3. Anna Strout Is Rich

Anna Strout though tries to keep her life secret; she could not keep fans away from knowing her net worth.

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Anna's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million while that of her husband is pegged at $10 million, according to reports.

2. Strout Is The Only Girl Jesse Ever Dated

The couple is together for more than a decades, as the couple first met in 2002. However, the couple split in 2012 due to their issues but got back again in 2017.

Since 2002, Jesse and Anna are together, and they both are the first and only person they have dated.

1. Anna Strout Is Passionate about Helping Other People.

Eisenberg opened about his relationship and said because of her helpful nature, The 'Social Network' actor was attracted to her and couldn't let go of Anna after the split.

Eisenberg was able to raise almost a million dollars for Anna's mother, Toby Strout's, organization after getting back with Anna.