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Top 5 Facts About Andrea Bocelli's Ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti

Published Wed Oct 30 2019 By Alice
Top 5 Facts About Andrea Bocelli's Ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti

Know things about the former wife of Italian multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bocelli.

Being blind himself, Andrea Bocelli felt the world through his music. This amazing personality, a singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and operatic tenor, is surrounded by the most loving woman in his life. While Bocelli's present wife, Veronica Berti, is quite supportive of his career, she is even his manager. His first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, was the one who was with him during his struggling days.

So, today, let's know about Enrica, who loved and cared for Bocelli even when he was not popular. She was the one who supported him continuously and was with him even before his stardom.

5. Enrica Cenzatti Loved The Man Who Was 12 Years Older Than Her

Enrica Cenzatti was just 17 years old and still a student, while Andrea was already a 29-year-old law graduate when they first met. However, age did not hinder their love story.

Enrica loved the man who was 12 years older than her.
Enrica Cenzatti first met her husband at the age of seventeen.

Even though Andrea graduated in law, he eventually quit his profession and law after some time. He then started playing piano in the bar to pay tenor Franco Corelli for lessons.

The love story of Enrica and Andrea also started in one of the bars. Though Bocelli was blind, Cenzatti never cared about his disability and always supported him through thick and thin.

4. Enrica Cenzatti First Fell In Love With Andrea Bocelli's Voice

While others fall for someone's face and fame, that's not the case with Enrica Cenzatti, who first fell in love with Andrea's voice and eventually with him. Physical deformity does not come in the way of their love, as Bocelli was visually impaired.

Enrica loved Andrea despite his visual disability.
Enrica Cenzatti fell in love at first sight with Andrea's voice.
Source: Fotostock

After dating for five years, the love birds finally tied the knot on June 27, 1992. They welcomed their first child, Amos, on February 22, 1995, and their second son, Matteo, on October 8, 1997.

3. Enrica Cenzatti Never Remarried, Unlike Her Ex-Husband

At the beginning of their marital relationship, everything looked perfect. However, the problem started to arise for Enrica Cenzatti and her ex-spouse with each passing time. The problem in their marriage came to the point that they ended their ten-year relationship.

Enrica never loved any other man than Andrea.
Enrica Cenzatti never moved in her life.
Source: Hello Magazine

As per the source, the conflict in their lifestyles became the major reason for their separation. Being a very secretive person, Cenzatti had a problem with Bocelli's fame, and all the media attention on their family caused tension in their marriage.

Enrica and Bocelli finally got divorced in 2002, stating mutual understanding. Despite their problem, they still decided to raise their children together. After splitting with Cenzatti, Andrea moved on in his life and even got married to Veronica Berti, who is also his current manager.

Moreover, he even shares a seven-year-old daughter Virginia with Berti. However, Enrica never got married again and is not even spotted with any other man. Well, it seemed like Andrea was the only love in her life.

2. Enrica Cenzatti Still Lives Near Her Ex-husband's Resident

Enrica Cenzatti first devoted her life to her former husband and then to her sons. To raise her sons, she even lived near her ex-husband's house in Forte Dei Marmi, a resort town in Tuscany, Italy. 

Enrica lives near her former husband's resident.
Enrica Cenzatti still lives near Andrea's house.
Source: Classicfm

While the boys stayed with their mother, they often visited Becolli at his villa. What's more, they even followed their father's path as Amos became a musician, and Matteo debuted as a tenor in 2016.

1. Enrica Cenzatti Shares A Good Bond With Her Ex-Husband's New Wife

Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli maintained a cordial relationship despite their separation. Furthermore, Enrica shares a good bond with Andrea's new wife, Veronica, and daughter.

Enrica even attended Andrea's marriage.
Enrica Cenzatti shared a good bond with Andrea's new wife.
Source: Ocean Drive Magazine

Cenzatti never held a grudge against her ex-husband and always supported his decision. Besides, she even attended Bocelli's wedding to his current wife. 

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