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Top 5 Facts About Taina Marie Meléndez

Published Tue Nov 26 2019 By Kenshinpark
Top 5 Facts About Taina Marie Meléndez

Taina Marie Melendez is the wife of famous Dominican - Puerto Rican cross-genre Latin pop singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, who is well known for alias Ozuna.

Melendez got overnight fame when she tied the knot with one of the best Puerto Rican singers, Ozuna. There are some intriguing facts you should know about the amazingly talented singer's wife, Taina Marie Melendez.

5. Taina Marie Melendez's Best Friend is Pizza Zoo

Melendez with her husband and daughter.

Melendez and Ms. Pizza Zoo are BFF.
Source: WaliKali

The wife of Dominican - Puerto Rican singer, Taina Marie Melendez is secretive when it comes to sharing personal information. Melendez, however, did not hold back to let people know who her best friend is.

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It is quite apparent from her social media, the best friend of Melendez is none other than Ms. Pizza Zoo. 'Pizza Zoo' is the name Melendez's best friend opted for her Twitter account; sadly, her real name is still unknown.

According to her social media profile account, Ms. Pizza Zoo, is a growing artist, as she describes herself on her profile.

4. Ozuna and His Wife, Taina Marie Melendez, Share Two Children

The couple and two kids of Ozuna.

Ozuna and Melendez are blessed with two lovely kids.
Source: WaliKali

Ozuna and Taina Marie Melendez share two lovely kids, son Jacob, and daughter Sofia. According to some reports, the couple welcomed their daughter in 2014, and a couple of years later, the duo welcomed their son.

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It's apparent the family of four lives an ecstatic and luxurious lifestyle. The couple is often seen taking their kids to Ozuna's concert and made several appearances during the singer's performance.

3. Taina Marie Melendez is not Active on Her Social Media

Melendez with her husband and two kids.

Melendez used to be very active on social media but it has changed lately.
Source: Justrichest

Rewind to a few years back, Taina Marie Melendez used to be very active on her social media. Her social media presence was something you could not have ignored as she used to update her followers of every hour; however that's a long gone now.

When when we checked Taina's official Instagram handle - 'taina_ozuna,' there's only one post where she kept a series of videos her husband and kids. Even her Twitter account - 'MelendezTaina' does not see much of an update lately.

When we dived into the accounts, we could only find the updates from 2016 and earlier, where she updated her fans. Sadly, that ended for reasons unknown, and Melendez decided to choose a life much secretive than it was already before.

2. Taina Marie Melendez is from Juan, Puerto Rico

Ozuna and his family.

When Jacob was first born.
Source: Family Tron

Though the wife of one of the most popular Puerto Rican singer, Taina Marie Melendez is secretive, her place of birth is known. Taina Marie Melendez, who was born in 1994, is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ozuna, 27, and Melendez still live San Juan, Puerto Rico, in their lovely home with two kids. 

1. Taina Marie Melendez is a Businesswoman

Taina having fun with her family.

A happy Ozuna family.
Source: Familytron

While there are no valid sources to prove this, some speculations are floating around on the internet claiming Taina Marie Melendez is a businesswoman. However, the nature of her business is still unknown.

But some sources are claiming the 25-year-old is now a homemaker after the birth of her second child, son - Jacob. No matter what, the family of four is happy, and we couldn't be happier for them.

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