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Top 5 Franka Potente Movies!

Published Thu Aug 08 2019 By Travis
Top 5 Franka Potente Movies!

Franka Potente is one of the most successful German-born actresses who made her mark both in her own country and in America. The actress who is set to make her directorial debut with ‘Home’ made her career acting in movies and making music.

Movies and music isn’t the only thing which drew Franka because she started working in TV series as she gradually transitioned from films. She recently starred alongside Tom Hardy in 'Taboo' which was a critical and commercial success with the second season currently in development.

Franka Potente in Taboo.
Franka Potente in Taboo starring opposite Tom Hardy. (Source: DW)

The mother of two who is married to Derek Richardson, also an actor, is slowing down her output, focusing on her family and transitioning into her next career as a director. Whatever the case, she still commands a respectable filmography which can hold up against any actor or actress in the world. With almost 30 movies under her belt, we are listing the top five films of Franka Potente’s career.

5. Anatomy

Not the greatest of movies but this one was one of the best horror flicks to come out around the turn of the century. Franka played a medical student 'Paula Henning' who wins a place at the Heidelberg medical school, one of the most exclusive schools in the country. One day a body of a boy she met on a train shows up at her autopsy table, and she starts investigating the boy’s death circumstances, and she uncovers some horrific truth. It was a successful movie in Germany though was not able to find success elsewhere.

4. Che

The Steven Soderbergh directed, Benicio del Toro starrer, the biographical movie was a significant success for the budding career of Franka Potente. She portrayed a real-life communist leader, revolutionary and spy who was one of the influential figures in the Cuban government. Franka was praised for her role, and the movie was a major success in the Latin American market. With 'Che', Franka was announced to a new group of fans.

3. Blow

Directed by Ted Demme, Blow is a real-life story of George Jung who established the American cocaine market along with Pablo Escobar and made over $100 million selling drugs. Franka played an air hostess who introduces Johnny Depp’s character to the drug dealers. She also falls in love with the character, and it was one of her first forays into Hollywood.

2. The Bourne Identity

The first movie in the Bourne Saga was a potent action movie, and Franka Potente starred opposite Matt Damon. While in Switzerland he pays Franka’s character, 'Marie', $20,000 to drive him to Paris and on the way, they both fall in love. Marie becomes Jason’s reason to leave everything behind and live a quiet life. The quiet is disrupted in the sequel where people come to kill him, and Marie dies instead. This was a revolutionary action movie of the time it was also the most successful movie of Franka’s career up till then.

1. Run Lola Run

Releasing in 1998, 'Run Lola Run' was the introduction of Franka to the world. She starred as Lola and at the start of the movie; she receives a call from her boyfriend saying he will be killed in 20 minutes if 'Lola' doesn’t find a bag full of 100,000 Deutsche Marks he left in the train. The movie was a frantically paced 80-minute movie, and it pushed Franka to international limelight.

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Franka is a talented actress who is still acting in movies and TV shows, and if her new choice of sitting in the director’s chair is any indication, we are definitely getting a lot more of Franka in the years to come.