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Tori Roloff Reveals Concern Over Her Second Pregnancy

Published Sun May 26 2019 By Kensinpark
Tori Roloff Reveals Concern Over Her Second Pregnancy

'Little People, Big World' star Tori Roloff is concerned over her pregnancy in the summer.

Recently, Tori Roloff was seen soaking up her first son Jackson on the kiddie pool and included a temperature which read 80 degrees. She added the summer was going to be interesting.

Mom Roloff, however, took down the photo from Instagram but according to her post, she indicated she is expecting her second child and complained about the hot weather as well.

It's certain that Tori is excited to welcome a second child but she is a bit edgy about being pregnant in the summer. Though the summer is yet to start, the Roloff mom is feeling the heat already.

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'Pregnancy in the summer. This is going to be interesting, It's hot.'  Tori wrote on her post on Instagram.

In a recent Q&A, Little People, Big World star said she is due in November and it certainly looks like it will be a long difficult journey for her and Roloffs.

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The 27-years-old TLC star said she had little to no symptoms with her first Jackson. However, this time around, she is experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy and its getting already hard for her and this hot weather is adding more to it.

Tori and her husband Zach Roloff married in 2015 and had their first son on May 12, 2017.

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After two years, TLC personality is expecting her second child which she along with her husband announced on May 13. The couple added they want more kids in the future.