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home Entertainment 'TOWIE' Star Bobby Norris Bids Liam Gallagher's Bid To Become The Prime Minister Of The UK

'TOWIE' Star Bobby Norris Bids Liam Gallagher's Bid To Become The Prime Minister Of The UK

Published Sat Jun 22 2019 By David
'TOWIE' Star Bobby Norris Bids Liam Gallagher's Bid To Become The Prime Minister Of The UK

'TOWIE' star Bobby Norris is voting for Liam Gallagher's bid to become the Prime Minister of the UK.

The former 'Oasis' frontman recently demanded he should be the one to turn the nation’s fortunes around by assuming control over 10 Downing Street - the official residence of the PM - once Theresa May is out of office, and the 32-year-old reality star thinks the 'Shockwave' hitmaker has just as great a shot at prevailing in Parliament as anybody.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the official inauguration of a Lebanese restaurant, Liban Tapas, in South Woodford, Bobby said: "Good luck to him!"

Towie star, Bobby Norris is backing for Liam Gallagher to become the prime minister of the UK.

"Do you know what, I think with what we've had recently, honestly I think there's a lot of people that could take the house keys and get into Downing Street and try and just make change; so for me, anyone that's willing to do the job, anyone that's gonna put their balls on the table, or their boobs on the table ... because you know, we could have a female Prime Minister, anyone thinks they can run this country and sort us out - because I think we're in need of a little bit of help."

Bobby will be in Parliament himself soon with his crusade 'Bobby's Bill', to boycott homophobic trolling on the web, and he has revealed that he had received loather online since reporting his plans to take action.

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Bobby said from the point he started speaking about it on 'TOWIE' and various media and platforms, his petition to make online homophobia a crime had gotten worse for himself, but he’s not doing it just for himself. Norris said he’s got thick skin, he’s been in the industry for eight years, and ‘I can handle it.’

The 32-year-old explained he indeed is hurt and upset but added that when he gets the messages from parents that tells him of their children hurting themselves for the online homophobia, he finds it disgusting.  He said he would consider the job getting done if he can use his platform to save one from killing themselves.

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Earlier this week, tweeting his bid for Number 10, Liam Gallagher said: "My name is Liam Gallagher I have 4 beautiful children I have dabbled in drugs over the years I've had many number 1s now send me the keys to no10 I'll sort this pile of s**t out WHY ME? WHY NOT. (sic)"

English singer, Liam Gallagher is also hinting of becoming the prime minister of the UK.
SOURCE: Independent 

Gallagher even went on to joke his own name somewhat insinuating he was a perfect fit to lead the country, adding: "ParLIAMent c' mon you know. (sic)"

The 46-year-old artist even has a policy in mind already, and he reacted to a question from a fan to diagram his plans should he ever land in the office. He simply suggested getting Oasis back together cause he ‘would make it law (sic)’.

While fans would without a doubt love to see the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmakers face-off once again after their split in 2009, the long-running conflict between Liam and his brother Noel implies a rebound remains unlikely.

Just a week ago, the 52-year-old star hit out at his kin’s solo ventures as he insisted he would rather "put s**t on a pizza" and eat it.

When queried if he'd watch his rival football team 'Manchester United' win a quadruple or watch Liam perform at Wembley, Noel said he’d rather eat his 'own s**t, rather put s**t on a pizza and be force fed it than listen to that bozo f***ing kill his own songs.'

As for the response to Liam's tweet, Noel, 52, labeled his younger sibling "a fat man in an anorak".