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Toy Story 4 Becomes The Fifth Disney Film This Year To Reach The $1 Billion Mark At The Worldwide Box Office

Published Fri Aug 16 2019 By Travis
Toy Story 4 Becomes The Fifth Disney Film This Year To Reach The $1 Billion Mark At The Worldwide Box Office

Toy Story 4 is setting records for Disney by becoming the fifth film in a calendar year to cross $1 billion at the box office.

At this point in time, there is just no competing with Disney, the muscle power they stone in the companies under them is immense and very few can really stand up to the success of Disney. To make sure no one forgets the power of Disney and its status as the biggest studio in Hollywood right now, a fifth movie from the company crossed the $1 billion mark just this year.

When studios are struggling to find one title to help propel their overall gross beyond a billion dollars, Disney is sitting on five such titles in a single calendar year. Yesterday the real worldwide gross for Toy Story 4 came out, and over the two days, the movie made $4.5 million at the American box office and $5 million at the international box office which allowed the fourth installment in the Toy Story franchise cross the milestone.

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As of Thursday morning, Toy Story 4 was sitting on $421.8 million in North America and $580 million worldwide for a total of $1.001 billion. The opening of the movie was much lower than expected, but the film picked up the pace and seeing almost a four times multiplier, the movie is showing a lot of legs since the opening weekend. Legs are nothing new to the Toy Story franchise which was supposedly ended after the third installment but after the creators came up with a story which would be a worthy successor to what many believe to be one of the best-animated movies ever and a perfect end to the franchise.

The biggest territory for Toy Story 4 outside of North America is Japan, where the movie is currently sitting on a cume of $77 million and coming close second, is the UK with $75 million and rounding out the top three outside grosses was in Mexico with a total of $72 million. The movie was a disappointment in China where the film only made $29 million, but it is always the same case for Pixar movies in China.

Toy Story 4.
Toy Story 4 is doing huge business outside of America.

Source: GoldDerby

Toy Story 4 is the 43rd movie to cross the $1 billion milestones and is only $3 million shy of the total of The Dark Knight. By releasing five films in a calendar year which crossed $1 billion Disney made history because this was never done before in the history of Hollywood. Just to illustrate Disney’s dominance at the box office, here is something interesting; unadjusted for inflation there are only 43 movies which crossed the billion-dollar mark and out of those 43, 24 films are Disney produced. We are not even counting the titles like Avatar and Phantom Menace which Disney acquired in the purchase of Fox. Over half of the top 40 highest-grossing movies (not adjusted for inflation) are Disney titles.

With $8 billion in a calendar year, Disney already set the record for the highest-grossing studio title ever, but the astonishing fact here is we are sitting smack dab in the middle of August, and two of the biggest movies for Disney are not even in theatres yet.

Disney logo.
Disney is setting records for the highest gross by a studio in a calendar year.

Source: Polygon

Frozen 2 is still waiting for its release date and Star Wars finale is without a trailer, which will undoubtedly change when D23 rolls into town. Frozen was a revelation in 2013, grossing $1.276 billion at the box office and the China market wasn’t even great in 2013. We are not expecting Frozen 2 to do the same amount of business it did in Japan this time around, but expectations are still around $1.3 billion worldwide. Then, there is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which is coming on the heels of the divisive Last Jedi but favorite director J. J. Abrams is back in director’s chair, and there are huge expectations for the movie.

With Toy Story 4 reaching a billion-dollar and joining Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Aladdin and The Lion King, which is on its way to a $1.4 billion finish, Disney isn’t done yet. When it is all said and done the studio will hold 7 (probably) billion-dollar grosser in their hands, and it was reflected in the record earnings call posted by Bob Iger Tuesday.

Bob Iger
Bob Iger in the head of Disney and said 2019 was a great year for the movie side of business.

Source: CNBC

All these blockbusters are also huge advertisements for Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus. It is like Disney is releasing all these blockbusters and telling people ‘if you want all these blockbusters in your home, sign up to Disney Plus.’ The streaming service was the only aspect of the company, which was losing money but it will all change when the service comes alive on 12 November 2019. Also, be sure to check out Toy Story 4 in theatres, it is a beautiful movie.