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Is Wicked Tuna Star Tyler McLaughlin Married? Detail About their Relationship and Dating History

Published Thu Apr 28 2022 By sujan
Is Wicked Tuna Star Tyler McLaughlin Married? Detail About their Relationship and Dating History

Know who Tuna Star Tyler McLaughlin is? Is he married? And all the details regarding his relationships are here.

Tyler Mclaughlin, born on December 22nd, 1987, is Wicked Tuna's youngest leader. The National Geographic Channel came up with the idea for the program. Tyler is indeed the youngest cast member, but that doesn't mean he lacks experience in the industry. At the age of seven, Tyler's father Marty taught him how and where to fish, so according to family lore, he reeled in his first bluefin tuna. Marissa is his younger sister. 

When Tyler's father's fishing boat was dubbed "The Pacifier," he became an overnight sensation. This is due to his father taking him fishing when he was about two years old, which served to keep him calm the whole time. Alex Whitney and Adam Moser are now on board the Pinwheel alongside him, two of their fellow crew members. Even on fishing expeditions, Tyler maintains a low-key demeanor as he aims to outdo the other crews in Gloucester by landing the largest fish in the Ocean. 

It's a risky game, but it's also a lot of fun. Tyler is the ship's owner and captain. 55-foot-long Pin Wheel is his boat's name, and it's powered by a single motor. He'd go fishing at Rye Harbor every summer, and it became a habit. Fishing is both a hobby and a source of income for him. Since its debut in 2012, Tyler McLaughlin has been on the program, battling with other teams for the final season.

Is Wicked Tuna Star Tyler McLaughlin Married?

Despite the fact that many people believe Tyler McLaughlin is married. However, he has a girlfriend, Shannon Harris. In addition, he spends a lot of time on social media, notably on Facebook and Twitter. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys playing tennis to stay in shape and to make up for the time he loses out on when he is out fishing. However, even though he hasn't published plenty about his lover, Shannon Harris, on social media like Twitter, he hasn't hesitated to show their relationship off to everyone. 

Image: Tyler and his girlfriend, Shannon Harris enjoying summertime.
Source: Instagram @pinwheeltuna

Photos of McLaughlin's girlfriend have been posted on his Instagram account. Shannon Harris hasn't revealed any details about her wedding plans to the public just yet. The two are swooning over one other. According to the reports, the pair does get along well, and from the beginning of their relationship, they've been really content. In their own time, the pair enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities. 

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It's comforting to know that McLaughlin didn't abandon love because of his previous breakup. During his quarantine in 2019, he uploaded a photo of himself and Shannon Harris, his current girlfriend. He is clearly in a state of happiness over his "soulmate" and is overjoyed to have discovered such a wonderful companion! It seems like the two of them are in a bubble of happiness when they spend time together, and we are thrilled for them.

Was Tyler Ever Taken Into Custody?

It doesn't matter how many times Tyler lets off some steam by shouting at fish and swearing at the wind-whipped ocean; his short temper when it comes to social relations sometimes gets him into trouble. 

Image: Tyler paddling in the ocean
Source: Instagram @pinwheeltuna

 For example, in a 2016 incident in North Carolina, he was charged with assault for breaking a man's nose and smashing to break his face. Tyler is said to have left his victim with two black eyes after allegedly putting him in a chokehold. To avoid prison time and to turn himself in to the police, the "Wicked Tuna" skipper paid off $10,000 and surrendered.

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