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US Air Force Warns 'Alien-Hunters' They Are Ready To Protect Area 51

Published Mon Jul 15 2019 By David
US Air Force Warns 'Alien-Hunters' They Are Ready To Protect Area 51

U.S. Air Force to Area 51 Alien Hunters: stay out, or else.

A somewhat insincere Facebook poll to "storm Area 51" and "see them aliens" has now amassed close to 1 million supporters, posting a parade of memes and frivolity not seen since the Yanny and Laurel escapade of 2018. However, a representative for the US Air Force warned the would-be raiders from trespassing the area in a declaration to the Washington Post. 

Area 51, which is a remote and notoriously confidential installation that forms section of Nellis Air Force Complex in Nevada, has long grabbed the focus of conspiracy analysts because of the extreme secrecy surrounding its vicinity and purpose.

Us Air Force is ready to defend the Area 51 from the trespassers, says an insider to those who are recently raising an internet poll to enter the Nevada secret facilty. (Source: Live Science)

Postulation extensively states extra-terrestrial technology may be concealed within the base – the reason of which, in the year 2019, we are now having a meme-propelled Facebook agenda to ultimately get inside.

"If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets," peruses the event captions, citing to Naruto Uzumaki, the yellow-haired ninja from Japanese manga series Naruto. 

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The reason people are referring Uzumaki is because of the fact that Naruto run does allow you to run almost with the speed of bullets – but the US Air Force as for themselves is also ready to respond to any potential human infringement; or so claims the recent reports.

Talking to the Washington Post Friday, US Air Force insider Laura McAndrews informed the notion that Air Force is following the internet ballyhoo and so they are issuing a serious warning to anyone who may attempt to imitate a Japanese anime ninja as they pursue to invade the facility.

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The spokesperson said US Air Force always stands ready to safeguard America and its assets. The Air Force, though, did not promptly answer to a request for responses.

For years Area 51 has been speculated of hiding extra terrestrial information much to its extreme secrecy. (Source: Screen Geek) 

The Facebook affair is currently set to commence on Sept. 20. The raid, however, is just a marvelous utilization of Facebook's event formulation platform to procreate a meme people can all bolster to, and some think it is essential to stress this is not a legal strive to overthrow the caliber and authority of the US military at an active Air Force Complex, the place where the armed troops are instructed to be rugged and protective.

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