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Blast vs Saitama; Did Saitama's Fight with Centichoro Prove He is Stronger Than Blast?

Published Mon Jul 15 2019 By
Blast vs Saitama; Did Saitama's Fight with Centichoro Prove He is Stronger Than Blast?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Saitama has become one of the famous characters in any animes. It'll be safe to say that after the Forbidden Four's (Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach) main characters, the anime community now puts Saitama on par with the aforementioned characters, both in strength and popularity.

The series's popularity, on the other hand, grew immensely over the last few years and after the end of the second season, we're all quite eager for the third season, though its release date is not out yet.

Speaking of which, it wouldn't wrong to say that many of us are still yearning for the big reveal of, S-Class Rank 1 hero, Blast. The man has become an urban legend, a myth which everyone talks about but no one knows about.

Warning! Webcomics Spoilers Ahead!

If you're all a reader of the One Punch Man webcomics, created by the original author, ONE, then surely you know up until the last release, there have been several mentions of Blast.

But despite all that, for us, Blast still exists in silhouette. What we know so far, he's got spiky hair, wears a cape similar to our beloved Caped Baldy, and surprisingly, is also a 'hero for fun.'

Blast as seen in the Webcomic. (Source: Fandom)

Ever since the mention of Blast in season 1, the internet hasn't stopped theorizing all about the most powerful hero mankind has ever heard off.  (Excluding of course, King's lucky charm, Saitama)

In general, everyone wants to know whether Blast can beat Saitama in a one on one fight. Well, for many, it is rather simple, as they believe Saitama can easily overcome the man, but the answer is quite complicated than that. 

First, we're yet to know the full scale of Blast's power. He is not an S-Class Rank 1 hero for nothing. We all know how powerful Tatsumaki and Blast are and the number 1 hero is definitely powerful than them no question.

According to the webcomic, Blast had his fair share of fights in the past. Around 15-years ago, he defeated the leader of Ninja Village, and he pummeled him so viciously that the once considered the strongest ninja in the world went to coma.

Furthermore, he severely injured the Dragon-level mysterious being Centichoro and before delivering the final blow, the monster ran away underground. Now his fight with Elder Centipede raises some questions on Blast's power.

Though he nearly brought the gigantic monster to the brink of death, he wasn't able to finish it off. Now it is clear Blast fought him to the death but unlike Saitama, who finished the monster with one punch, he wasn't able to deal the final blow in one punch.

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Many of you might criticize this but if we take into consideration Saitama is just an avergae person who got stronger by training, and he is not strong only because of plot armor, or because he is a gag character, then this theory becomes closer to reality.

A fan art of Saitama and Blast battle. (Source: Reddit)

If we compare this one fight, then Saitama leads the race because in the finale episode, he didn't just kill the Centipede, he instantly vaporized it. There is no doubt Blast is quite a strong hero, perhaps strongest of any hero we know, but Saitama will, without a shadow of doubt, come out as victorious in this one.

Now before jumping into any conclusions, hold your horses right there as there is something else we should take into contemplation. Blast's fights are something that happened in the past so no one can guarantee how the fight went down.

Maybe, Blast was going easy on Centichoro because his principle doesn't allow him to kill someone and it is the truth, then that explains why he didn't finish the Ninja Village leader.

Be that as it may, we're eager to see Saitama and Blast come face to face in a death battle but seems we gotta wait for some time before it happens.