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home Entertainment With Last Episode of One Punch Man Just a Shy Hour Away, How will the Second Season of the epic series end?

With Last Episode of One Punch Man Just a Shy Hour Away, How will the Second Season of the epic series end?

Published Tue Jul 02 2019 By
With Last Episode of One Punch Man Just a Shy Hour Away, How will the Second Season of the epic series end?

With the season 2 of the epic action anime, One Punch Man up for closure in the matter of few hours, a lot of people are eager to know how J.C. staff alongside the manga creator Yusuke Murata and the original webcomics author ONE, will end the action-packed season 2.

It was initially announced that this season as well will only 12 episodes, and with Garou cornered by Bang, Bomb, and Genos, it's quite difficult to end the 20-minute long episode with a proper ending. If you're a manga reader and better yet following the webcomic then surely you know how far ahead the creator ONE has gone.

Judging by the recent episodes, one thing is for certain, the Monster Association are keen to get Garou into the upper echelon of their so-called association. In episode 11, during his tussle with Genos, while Garou was cornered the monster association came to his aid, and one of the monsters revealed that their higher-ups are willing to welcome him.

In the upcoming episode, Garou will be facing off against his former master, Silver Fang. (Source: Unique Streams)

Though Garou blatantly rejected the proposal, it won't be surprising to see him join the association in the later arc. Tis because of all the things in the world, his affinity towards monsters is so high, everyone calls him the Hero Hunter or Human Monster.

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There are not a whole lot of villains anime characters who are praised more than their hero counterparts.

And in this aspect, Garou takes the cake as he has without a doubt become one of the most liked characters in any anime franchise, let alone in One Punch Man.

As mentioned earlier, the final episode will start with Garou facing against his former master, S-Class Rank 3, Silver Fang. The two most celebrated Water Stream Rock Smashing artist will square off one on one, and the result will broadly impact the third season of the show.

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Even though Garou is not his 100% after his flirting with death against A-Class and B-Class heroes and then with Genos, we know for sure, the fight between the master and the disciple will be the final nail in the coffin in Hero Hunter arc.

Last but certainly not the least, in episode 11 Saitama said he'll check out what Genos has been up to lately and is heading towards the battleground. Fans are now firing up thousands of question as to will it be the first and final scene of Caped Baldy and Hero Hunter or be the first of many?

With that said, either Garou will walk over all the heroes on the scene and truly become a Hero Hunter or he'll get his ass handed to him, and the moster association will help him in the end?

Well, guess, we'll have to wait for the 12th episode to air and find out!