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Viewers Left Stunned After Woman Reveals She ‘Forgets To Wash Her Vagina’

Published Thu Mar 28 2019 By Andrew
Viewers Left Stunned After Woman Reveals She ‘Forgets To Wash Her Vagina’

A woman who revealed that she 'Forgets to wash her vagina' shocked fans.

The Sex Clinic has been the source of guilty pleasure as the wide viewership tunes in to comprehend what happens behind the sheets of the British public. Although the show features several cringe-worthy scenes, one just cannot go cold turkey on the happenings of the show.

In this week's edition of the show, fans got a chance to know Nu Nu, a young woman suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Nu Nu maintained that she had to work extra hard on her cleaning regiment when it came to her privates.

Nu Nu appeared in the latest rendition of Sex Clinic

SOURCE: Unilad

Things were steering in the normal direction until she mentioned forgetting to wash her vagina sometimes. There was certainly a lot of heat surrounding the claim and the fans wasted no time to express their views on the internet. 

Nu Nu also told the professionals of the show about her six-month celibacy continuing to state that she’s more careful nowadays and makes sure she urinates after sex. Like many of the show’s participants, she came to the clinic to get tested for STI’s.

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She told the doctors,

“I need to make sure I’m clean that’s the most important part. I need to get tested because it’s not a good look if you have an STD. I’m a bit nervous.” 

Thankfully, Nu Nu learned a valuable lesson while enjoying a clean bill.

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Meanwhile, the clinic seemed to be having a pretty busy day. Fans also got a chance to get a glimpse into Jason, struggling with his ejaculation and another participant Jordan who needed an STI test after having a foursome. However, the highlight of the show was still Nu Nu it was Nu Nu with her unique personal problem.

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Fans can't help but wonder how is it possible to forget to take a wash down there when in the shower. Hopefully, she keeps that in check from next time.