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Violetta Komyshan Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of Her Fortune

Published Fri Apr 24 2020 By Bran
Violetta Komyshan Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of Her Fortune

The high-school girlfriend of actor Ansel Elgort, Violetta Komyshan, is quite an established personality on her own. Stay with us to know about her fortune and net worth.

Actress Violetta Komyshan might be dating Ansel Elgort for over eight years now, but that in no way means let her distract from their professional endeavors. Today, the diva is a wholesome talent as an accomplished actress, an Instagram personality, and a professional ballerina dancer alongside.  

Born on January 20, 1996, the New York-based diva Violetta Komyshan always shared interest and aim to pursue a career as an actress. With over a million followers and a successful professional journey, she not just amassed a colossal net worth and accustomed to global fame. So, without wasting much time, let us dive into the details of her fortune.

Violetta Komyshan's Six-Digit Net Worth

The 24-year-old actress Violetta Komyshan is an American ballet dancer and a social media influencer, alongside the lover of fellow actor Ansel Elgort. The Instagram personality with over 1 million followers amasses an estimated six-figured net worth of $100,000 as of 2020. Thus, with the rate the diva is getting familiar to success, the day isn't far when Komyshan will get the tag of a millionaire.

Actress Violetta Komyshan poses a picture for her Instagram.

Violetta Komyshan owns a staggering net worth of $100,000 as of 2020.
Photo Source: Violetta Komyshan Instagram

Komyshan was always passionate regarding the extra-curricular activities in school, in terms of dancing and acting. Thus, she began professional dancing at the mere age of 11 and ever since she never looked back. Today, she dances on several magazines and theatrical shows to earn a living. Thus, Komyshan makes way more than $58,723, which is the average salary of a ballerina dancer in the United States.

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Komyshan has been a longtime girlfriend of fellow actor Ansel Elgort since 2012. She also earned a few credits on the screen to add some income such as 2018's 'Billionaire Boys Club' and 'Ansel Elgort: Thief with her boyfriend.' Meanwhile, her beau, who featured in Dua Lipa's music video in 2016, is a well-established filmstar who previously acted in 'The Fault in Our Stars.' Consequently, he amasses a staggering net worth of $12 million as of April 2020.

Violetta Komyshan: An Instagram Personality As Well

Ballerina dancer Violetta Komyshan in a brown top and jeans shorts poses a picture.

Dancer Violetta Komyshan has 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram handle.
Photo Source: Violetta Komyshan Instagram

The ballerina dancer Violetta Komyshan amassed a massive bank-balance, and her online behavior played a big say in it. Maybe it was with her affiliation with the fellow star, Elgort, or her professional success, which led over a million followers on her Instagram. Thus, with so much of fan-following, she became an influencer and helped several brands to promote via her account.

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Thus, with interests over beauty and fashion, many fans follow the diva to know about her lifestyle. Similarly, Violetta makes an estimated earning in the range of $2,261.25 to $3,768.75 per post. On the other hand, as a blooming actress, she makes around the average salary of $56,901 on an annual basis. 

Lives in a New York House

As the girlfriend of multi-millionaire Ansel Elgort, the gorgeous Violetta Komyshan lives a lavish lifestyle with him at a mansion-like house in Brooklyn, New York. Interestingly, it was her beau who bought the residence following the success of 'The Fault in Our Stars' in 2014.

Violetta Komyshan poses a picture with her boyfriend Ansel Elgort at an event.

The celebrity couple of Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan started dating in 2012.
Photo Source: E! Online

Today, the love birds live together in an open relationship at the enormous New York house. Furthermore, the house in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood was so big that it could fit in four families. Unfortunately, the details on the price of the house aren't revealed yet. Despite their busy schedules in their respective careers, Komyshan and Elgort try their best to spend time with each other.

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Although the celebrity couple lives together, they aren't married yet. However, the fans are increasingly excited over the potential wedding announcement and engagement of two of their favorite entertainment industry stars. 

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