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What Can We Expect From Sherlock Season 5?

Published Wed Aug 07 2019 By Travis
What Can We Expect From Sherlock Season 5?

Sherlock season 5 most probably coming back, what can we expect from the Baker Street Gang?

Starting in 2010 Sherlock turned from a short three episodes series one into a favorite fan show which is both critically acclaimed and beloved by the fans. The amazing thing about the show was, they produced only three episodes for each series and ended the show on a cliff hanger. 

The series was not like other TV shows where the show returns every year; Sherlock gave fans time to come up with ways to solve the mysteries alongside the Baker Street duo which is why the series ingrained itself so deeply in the consciousness of fans.

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The problem with season four was they forgot what made the fans want to tune in and watch the show in the first place. The mystery of an overarching plot and 'Watson' and Sherlock solving the crimes and the mystery was what made the show such a huge success. But in season four the creators and writers decided to become too smart for their own good and instead we got a show which was full of itself, convoluted and lacked the same amount of mystery which made the first three seasons fan favorites.

No matter the lukewarm reception of the fourth season, the fans are still clamoring for the fifth season of the modern retelling of the timeless story of Sherlock Holmes. The love and affection fans show the series is something which cannot be replicated and manufactured, so the fans want it, what is stopping the creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat from bringing the 221 Baker Street resident back on BBC and now HBO Max?

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Time constraint is the main cause why there is only a minuscule chance of a Sherlock series five ever happening. Benedict Cumberbatch was a star back then, he is an untouchable megastar now and is busy through 2021 fighting Nightmare in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Martin Freeman is off doing two movies, and Moffat and Gatiss are adapting 'Dracula' into a mini-series. So, you can see why they set up the season four finale as the series finale because they knew the actor’s and the writer’s schedule would not permit them to film any more seasons.

But like we said there is a minuscule chance of season five happening, so if the show does happen, what can we expect from it?

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.
Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat talked of the possibility of making a fifth Sherlock series. (Source: Variety)

In the finale of season four, we see the repressed memory of Sherlock and the arrival of the evil and insane genius Eurus Holmes, Sherlock’s sister. The revelation at the end of ‘The Final Problem’ showed Sherlock Holmes still got a heart, and he cares for the people around him. 

The Sherlock we saw in the series was the repressed and disconnected from human emotions version of Sherlock Holmes. But the finale showed him he is emotionally stronger than his sister he doesn’t need to hide and lock away his pain where he himself cannot find it. The Sherlock we see in the final moment of the finale is a new man, one not bogged down by past, one who loves what he is doing and expectant of the future.

The same thing was alluded by the co-creator of the show, Mark Gatiss. He said;

I think what’s actually happened is that we have now done the story of how the 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Doctor Watson' that we have always known, how they became those men. It’s actually really a backstory. The reason we [ended with] Rathbone Place is that, actually, if we do come back – and we would love to come back – we could absolutely very easily start with a knock at the door and Sherlock saying to John 'Do you want to come out and play?'. They have become the two heroes that we always knew them to be.

According to Moffat, the story of the Sherlock we knew for four series is over, and it is almost like a clean slate for the partner. And Moffat added the two characters are finding out the past doesn’t shape them, it is the future and the people around them who matter the most. He also said if they returned to the show, it would be about “solving crimes.”

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson outside 221B Baker Street.
Sherlock and Watson will be solving crimes if series five ever starts filming. (Source: BBC)

With a clean slate and a rejuvenated character, there is no telling where the series will go, but we do like the direction of an empathetic Sherlock solving crimes and connecting with the people he is helping or going up against. The whole idea of Sherlock connecting with people is fascinating, and something we would love to see.

But like we said above, there is no telling when the actors and writers are coming together to film the fifth series in the beloved franchise. The closest we can see the series happening is 2023, but maybe HBO Max will get the band back together a little earlier than expected. 

HBO Max is gearing up for a streaming battle, and the recent deal with BBC to show all the BBC series on the streaming site may pave the way for Sherlock making an early appearance on the small screen. For people who cannot wait long, 'Enola Holmes' starring Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes is coming in 2020.