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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness: Top 5 Facts About The New Villain 'Nightmare'

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Travis
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness: Top 5 Facts About The New Villain 'Nightmare'

The Marvel Cinematic Universe made a big splash at the San Diego Comic-con, and they were having a lot of fun with the intro of various movies for Phase four of MCU. There were some surprises, and there were some expected announcement, Mahershala Ali’s announcement as Blade was epic and very surprising. But there was some fear if Doctor Strange was going to get a sequel or not, well the concerns were removed from all minds as Kevin Feige announced the Doctor would be getting a sophomore appearance with Scarlet Witch in tow.

The announcement was followed by a rumor that Nightmare will play the villain of 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. 'Nightmare' was one of the first villains Doctor fought in the comics and still to this day; he is one of the most iconic villains of the Strange comics.

Nightmare and Doctor Strange.
Nightmare is set to appear in Doctor Strange 2. (Source: Comic Book)

With Nightmare most probably making an appearance in the sophomore Doctor Strange movie, let’s take a look at some of the facts about Nightmare.

5. Nightmare Owned A Club

Nightmare sitting on his crown.

Well, in one of the comics, Nightmare got bored with just scaring people, and he ran out of ideas, so he decided he wanted to come to the realm of Mortals because he needed some motivations. He came to earth and decided he wanted to open a club to scare people then named it ‘Club Fear.’ Nightmare scared people in the club with the people’s deepest fear, and at one time he even got romantically involved with a horror movie actress. They will probably not use this version of the story in the movie, but still, it would be funny to see Nightmare as a club owner like 'Lucifer Morningstar'.

4. Nightmare Can Capture People’s Astral Form

The astral form of Ancient One and Doctor Strange.

The power Nightmare possesses is unique as he can attack people’s dreams, and he can capture people’s astral form while they are in sleep. Nightmare can pull people from their sleep and drag their astral form into the Dream Dimension where he can torment them for as long as he wants. Nightmare even captured Doctor Strange’s astral form and tortured him in the dream dimension.

3. American Dream

illustration of the american dream

Nightmare attacked patriotic people or people living with the American Dream. He attacked successful people and made them violent towards others. The feeling of patriotism and trying to live the best life was one of the special cases Nightmare was able to exploit, and those feelings made people vulnerable to the attacks from Nightmare.

2. Dream Dimension

Dream Dimension.

Dream Dimension was a place where Nightmare escaped to after he no longer wanted to be a slave, and he became the evil ruler of the dimension. Nightmare uses the Dream Dimension to torment humans, and he uses a black horned demonic horse to roam the realm. Many beings tried to take the dimension from him, but no one ever succeeded.

1. Nightmare Is Dependent On Dreams

Dream Dimension with Nightmare and Doctor Strange.

Nightmare is an omnipotent being; he cannot be killed because he is attached to every living being through dreams. Nightmare is like the infinity stone, you can reduce them to atoms, but you can never totally destroy them because they are essential for the balance of the world. Nightmare feeds on dreams, and his powers are dependent on people dreaming every day and night where they sleep. There is a way to kill Nightmare, by having people not to dream at all, but lack of dreams causes insanity. So, Nightmare is dependent on dreams, and he is also invincible because of them.

Scott Derrickson cut his teeth directing horror movies, so the sequel of Doctor Strange is in good hands. Nightmare is a very tricky character to portray on screen, and it will be an uphill battle to get the Dream Dimension and the character right. Let’s see how Scott and the writing team handles the character in the movie that is set to release in 2021.