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Doctor Stephen is the most talented surgeon in New York. The only thing greater than his talent is his ego and with the two combined Stephen Strange is an unbearable ass who doesn’t believe in anything or anyone other than himself. On his way to a speaking commitment and distracted by a new case, Stephen Strange loses control of his car, and during the crash, his hand gets thrust into the dashboard. Shaky hand and no medical marvel to save his career, Stephen Strange does everything he can, spends any money he’s got left but to no avail. But when his past hopeless case is brought to him, totally healed, Strange uses all his remaining money to make a trip to Kathmandu, one final hope for the man who is all out of ideas. In Kathmandu, The Ancient One teaches him the way of the mystic arts and shows him realities beyond the realm of possibility, and for the first time in his life, Stephen realizes, the world is more than himself and his ego. With every step he took after his meeting with The Ancient One, he left his old life, from Doctor Stephen Strange, he became Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, protector of all realities.