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Avengers: Endgame Writers Reveal Thanos’ gruesome ‘LSD trip’ that was Cut from Movie

Published Tue Jul 23 2019 By Travis
Avengers: Endgame Writers Reveal Thanos’ gruesome ‘LSD trip’ that was Cut from Movie

As with most films, some scenes are cut out, know about the gruesome scene cut from Infinity War and Endgame.

Before the godfather of Marvel Cinematic Universe made his much-anticipated appearance in Hall H to talk about Phase 4 and the future of the MCU, two unassuming men took to stage a day early to raucous applause and shouting. Those two men and only two took to the stage of the legendary Hall H to talk about the work they did. Most people don’t know these people, but it becomes crystal clear as you realize the movies these two had their hands in making, all the Captain America movies and the last two Avengers movie, and yes, we are talking about the writers of Avengers Endgame.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on the stage at SDCC.
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely at the SDCC. (Source: Getty)

Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely took to the stage and talked to the fans for about 45 minutes about the process they went through, writing the biggest movie of all time. They also talked about the things they kept and the things they threw away because they “sucked rocks.” During their long talk with the fans, they revealed some story points that were funny and gruesome and two scenes from the movie are just scary even to imagine.

The first sequence is from the first draft of the Infinity War. Doctor Strange is a pivotal part for the Avengers, but he is also a criminally underused character in both battles against Thanos. In Infinity War, he is choked to unconsciousness, and he meditates on a different planet and then gives away the Time Stone to save the life of Tony. In Endgame, Strange comes back to stop a flood?!?!? What now? That was just weird for one of the most powerful Avengers, but as it turns out, he had a more prominent role in Infinity War.

Watch: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely talk to Marvel at the SDCC

In Infinity War as Thanos arrives in Titan to beat the shit out of the Avengers and Guardians, Doctor Strange and Thanos are about to come to blows when Strange sends Thanos through the mindscape, and he goes on a weird trip. The two writers said;

The idea was that he was zipping through the universe being presented with his many, many, many crimes. Bodies are being thrown at him, he lands and things turn into bodies, hands are grasping at him. At the end, he gets dumped in front of the Living Tribunal who judges him guilty. It was great.

Those hands and dead bodies thing would’ve been gruesome, but they were trying to put the 'Living Tribunal' in the movie as Kevin Feige wanted to be true to the Starlin comics. But that didn’t work as it would be confusing to the audience to have an “LSD trip” right when the battle between the heroes and villain is happening.

Doctor Strange and Thanos in Titan.
Doctor Strange and Thanos were involved in a LSD trip which was removed from the film. (Source: GlamourFame)

Another gruesome scene the two writers revealed was the death of Captain America. Everyone guessed that Endgame would be the death of Captain America, everyone wanted the Captain to be the one who dies, well, not in like they hate Captain America, but for the fact that Captain is the nobler of all the heroes, and he would sacrifice himself for everyone, because that is in his nature. We the early draft of the script was going to show the Captain meeting an end, and not like the happy one he met within Endgame. In the initial draft of the script, there was a sequence where Thanos travels back in time and kills all the Avengers and then decapitates the 2012 Captain America and drops the head at the feet of the 2023 Captain America. You heard it right people, A Marvel movie, a Disney movie had a decapitated head in one of the sequences. You probably understand why that line of the story was dropped.

Endgame was one of the best movies ever, and it ushered the end of 11 years long saga and brought it home to a respectable conclusion. With every story, there were things which were kept and ideas which were thrown out, the same reason why there are multiple drafts of a script to work out the details of the story, to find things that work and things that don’t. Some of the things the writers revealed were amazing, and we can only wish they were included, but some were gruesome, and we are thankful they cut those from the movie.

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As for now, you can enjoy the slew of announcements made by Kevin Feige at the SDCC which relates to Phase 4 and beyond for the MCU.