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Doctor Strange 2 Is Likely To Make MCU's Scarlet Witch More Like The Comics

Published Thu Jul 25 2019 By Travis
Doctor Strange 2 Is Likely To Make MCU's Scarlet Witch More Like The Comics

Scarlet Witch is getting the due she deserves as she is rumored to be getting close to comics than ever before.

The deluge of information flowing from San Diego Comic-Con was something like we never saw before. Marvel announced 10 TV shows and Movies each announcement was more significant than the last one as Marvel showcased the most diverse group of actors to ever star in Marvel movies. It was a sight to behold, but there was a low key announcement during the SDCC which could bring about significant changes to one of the marginalized and miss represented character in Marvel universe.

Scarlet Witch in Infinity War.
Scarlet Witch is the most misrepresented character in the MCU. (Source: Decider)

Kevin Feige called Scott Derrickson on stage, the director of Doctor Strange, to talk about what is in store for the 'Sorcerer Supreme'. Scott called Benedict Cumberbatch on stage, and then they were joined by a surprise guest as Elizabeth Olsen was also introduced as having a role in the upcoming 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' as Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet is one of the most misrepresented characters in the MCU and her getting her own headlining show is sure to do her character a certain amount of justice. The announcement of her own show WandaVision opens Scarlet Witch to whole new possibilities the show’s creators can finally distinguish her powers and show that she is not just the girl who was turned into a superhuman due to a Hydra experiment.

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The series based on 'Wanda' and 'Vision' coming to Disney+ will deal with the aftermath of Endgame and the death of Thanos. In the movies, Wanda never gets to grieve the death of Vision because she was snapped out of existence after Vision’s death. She returned in Endgame and fought Thanos, but again we never see her grieve, we can see she is angry, but never once we see her deal with the loss of Vision.

In WandaVision, the creators can finally show her grieve and deal with the loss of Vision. It was revealed WandaVision would provide a 1950s feel which probably means Wanda will create a reality where she is happily in a relationship with Vision in an alternate dimension. The show might show the possibility of Wanda having kids with Vision, which was talked about in the comics. Well, the comics also showed Vision cheating, but maybe Wanda will not make that a reality.

Wanda and Vision in Avengers Infinity War.
Wanda may be looking to have a life with Vision in WandaVision. (Source: Digital Spy)

The comic version of Scarlet Witch showed Scarlet settling in her normal life with Vision and even giving birth to two children. They were happily in a relationship, and maybe Wanda decides to have an experience which was taken from her. Wanda creating a new reality for herself to live in is a great way to showcase her ability, and Kevin Feige even said they will set Wanda in a way which allows her to earn the name of Scarlet Witch which is not used to describe her till now.

Playing with multiple realities is never a nice thing, and maybe this will cause the villain who is rumored, Nightmare, to attack Wanda. Nightmare attacks people’s insecurities and their vulnerable thoughts and tortures them, and perhaps then Doctor intervenes. The show is connected to the movie and maybe after Strange realizes Scarlet is manipulating realities which may result in Doctor taking her under her wing which was done in comics.

Nightmare in comics.
Nightmare is rumored to be the villain in Doctor Strange 2. (Source: Comic Vine)

The multiverse hopping of Scarlet can also plant the seeds in bringing mutants to the MCU which can be used to describe her powers giving more credence to her real origin than the stupid one from Captain America Winter Soldier. Multiverse hopping opens up various possibilities as there are rumors original Nick Fury is coming to the MCU and also Doctor making a trip to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. The multiverse will also allow the creators and writers, finally, the possibility of doing Scarlet Witch justice and giving her the due she deserves and bringing her closer to the comic version than ever before.