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What does David Otunga do for a living? What is his Net Worth?

Published Wed Aug 10 2022 By sujan
What does David Otunga do for a living? What is his Net Worth?

Know who David Otunga is? What's his net worth? What does he do for his living? And further details regarding him are here in this article. 

David Daniel Otunga came into this world on April 7th, 1980, in Elgin, Illinois. David was one of three children born to a Kenyan father and a European-American mother. David spent his formative years at Larkin High School with his two elder brothers and his two elder brothers. After completing his high school education, he earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Illinois. In 2007, David Otunga began his career in the entertainment industry by competing on the reality show "I Love New York 2." After a while, David got to the final three before getting eliminated. Otunga would continue to pursue a career in acting even though, in later years, he would concentrate more on his wrestling career on the professional circuit.  

A major role in the film "The Call," aired in 2013, and a guest appearance on "General Hospital," in which he portrayed himself. When Otunga officially signed with the WWE in 2008, he launched his career as a wrestler that same year. His professional wrestling career began in the WWE's developmental territory of Florida Championship Wrestling. Otunga made his professional wrestling debut in 2009 under the ring name Dawson Alexander, which he had previously chosen. His debut competition was a six-man tag team event he and Barry Allen conquered. 

David Otunga is well known for his work in the entertainment industry and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He has a big fan base of people who will do anything to see him succeed. They might be curious about his wealth and be interested in finding out what he does for a job. This article will discuss his net worth and the sources of his income in a general sense and further depth. Let's begin with the subject matter.

David Otunga's Net Worth

As an actor, a lawyer, and a man who formerly competed as a professional wrestler, David Otunga has amassed a net worth of approximately $10 million. In contrast, his former partner, Jennifer Hudson, has a whopping net worth of $30 million. Otunga and Hudson split in 2017 after remaining together for almost a decade. 

David Otunga has a whopping $10 million.

Image: David Otunga has amassed a total of $10 million net worth
Source: Instagram @davidotunga

David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson have a child together. David Daniel Otunga Jr. is the name of the couple's son. 

It is possible that in later years they would give him some of their wealth to compensate for their son's lack of a means of subsistence and to assist him in achieving the goals he has set for himself in his life.

In 2017, David and Jennifer ended their relationship and divorced. Therefore, the concept of adding their net worth together is pointless.

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Since he is no longer a wrestler, the sources of his income have shifted; currently, he does commentary and works in show business as an actor and does promotional and advertising work for some companies. 

Since he has a total of $10 million net worth, he doesn't have to put in much effort to make up for his living expenses anymore.

Why did David Otunga Quit Wrestling?

After suffering a defeat at the hands of R-Truth in his last match during WWE's Live Summer Slam Heatwave Tour 2015, he decided to leave the wrestling industry and pursue a different line of work. He no longer wrestles and is involved in other sectors for his livelihood.

Image: David Otunga quit WWE for his son
Source: Instagram @davidotunga

After conducting an additional study on the matter, the researchers concluded that Ms. Hudson, Otunga's ex-wife, allegedly presented her husband with a request approximately seven years ago, telling him he could continue wrestling or remain with his family. After that, David decided to retire from wrestling and instead focus on his on-air role as a 'legal counselor.' Eventually, he made the transition to a commentator. Otunga primarily participates in the Kick-Off panels and occasionally takes on acting roles to support his family financially.

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